How a nurse CURED her much hated acne
8th December 2022

How a nurse CURED her much hated acne after struggling with breakouts on her face for years

  • Nurse who struggled with acne throughout her teens tried new needling device
  • Skin needling is a cosmetic procedure that punctures the skin with tiny needles
  • It can help resurface the skin, reduce oil, treat acne scars and promote collagen

A young nurse who struggled with acne since she was a teenager has finally overcome her skin woes with a life-changing remedy. 

Tarryn Gapic, 31, who works as a nurse in Perth, Western Australia said she become self-conscious of her skin during her late 20s. 

The nurse has struggled with acne since she was 14 and was constantly treating hormonal breakouts that caused ‘spots all over’ her face. 

Ms Gapic was introduced to a miracle needling device called Morpheus8, which has taken Australia by storm after gaining popularity in the United States.

‘After the second round of needling my skin is clearer and the texture is smoother,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I don’t really have to wear makeup.’

Ms Gapic had had varying degrees of success with other needling treatments but saw immediate ‘tangible’ results after trying the Morpheus8. 

Needling can cost between $100 to $700 for one session, but Ms Gapic said it was worth the money.

‘I spent so much money on pills, needling and other treatments,’ she said, adding she had finally found something that could treat all of her skin concerns in one go. 

When asked if the ‘intense’ needling hurt, Ms Gapic said: ‘Not really, you’re numbed for 20 to 30 minutes before so it’s tolerable’. 

Tarryn Gapic, 31, (pictured) who works as a nurse in Perth, Western Australia often felt self-conscious of her bad skin and tried to cover it up

‘It really knocks your confidence trying to hide pustules and lumps,’ Ms Gapic said (pictured is her skin before she started skin-needling treatments at a skin clinic)

During the cosmetic procedure, the skin is repeatedly punctured by tiny, sterile needles to treat issues like acne, scarring and lack of collagen. 

What is skin needling?

Skin needling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles.

It is a minimally-invasive and non-surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves creating a controlled skin injury.

The needles are up to 3 mm in length but typically 0.5 mm length is used to minimise bleeding and recovery time. 

Skin needling can reduce scars, fade stretch marks, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin. 

The procedure can cost anywhere between $100 and $700 and is usually completed in four sessions.

The nurse has undergone two out of four treatments using the Morpheus8 device on her skin and will be back for more. 

The procedure has smoothed the texture of the skin across Ms Gapic’s cheeks and reduced scarring caused by acne. 

Aisling Kane, who uses InMode’s Morpheus8 at her clinic The Skin Nurse, says the treatment can reduce oil flow – which is often associated with acne. 

She says the needling can also help resurface the skin and promote collagen production.

Morpheus8 combines revolutionary radio-frequency technology with micro-needling designed to contour, lift, tone and tighten the skin. 

Other patients have smoothed out cellulite on their thighs and to tighten the skin on their stomach, neck, and face with the life-changing device. 

Statistics show acne affects 85% of Australians aged 15-24 years old with patients of all ages with bad skin in some cases triggering feelings of anxiety and depression.  

Data from the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) has revealed Aussies are some of the biggest spenders when it comes to cosmetic treatments in the world. 

Collectively, men and women spend over $1billion on minimally or non-invasive cosmetic procedures as more patients tackle their insecurities with procedures. 

The Perth nurse has undergone three out of four treatments using the Morpheus8 device on her skin and is already feeling more confident (pictured is her skin after three treatments)

This year, the number of patients who tried a non-invasive cosmetic treatment for the first time jumped by 41 per cent. 

InMode Australia Managing Director Dennis Cronje said people were less concerned about plumping their lips than tightening the skin on their faces. 

‘One of the most popular beauty treatments we are seeing demand for is to fix face jowls – the bags of skin along the jawline that droop lower than the jaw – with a range of treatments,’ he said. 

‘Dolly’ lips are losing their popularity, with many women opting to simply tighten skin and reduce lines on their face to enhance natural beauty.’

InMode provides Aussie clinics, dermatologists, surgeons, registered nurses, cosmetic physicians, beauty clinic owners and dermal therapists with InMode Pro and its attachments such as Morpheus8, Evolve X, FaceTite and AccuTite. 

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