Hospice nurse says most people say the same thing right before they die
17th November 2021

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Dying is something everybody has to do eventually and, while some people fear death a lot, a hospice nurse is trying to reassure people it is not that bad.

Julie has a TikTok account @hospicenursejulie with more than 380,000 followers where she talks about death anxiety and her own experiences looking after people as they die.

She says what happens incredibly often is that her "lucid" patients start seeing visions of their dead loved ones as spirits or angels.

The visions of the departed relatives might appear to tell them they are "coming home".

Julie adds: "There is something most people say before they die and it's usually, 'I love you,' or they call out to their mum or dad who have usually already died."

In another video, she reassures people about what is "normal" to see when a loved one is dying from natural causes.

Julie says changes in breathing, skin colour, the "death rattle", and fevers are all common.

"Breathing patterns change towards the end of life during the actively dying phase which is usually a few hours to a few days before death," she explains.

"Most families think this indicates something is wrong but nine times out of ten it doesn't.

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"Changes in skin colour, which is also called mottling, where the extremities turn a little purple also is something people think indicates something is wrong – but it doesn't.

"Terminal secretions, AKA the death rattle, this is just a collection of a small bit of saliva in the back of the throat that just sounds really bad.

"Fever happens a lot too because we lose the ability to control the core temperature so our temperature will fluctuate at the end of life.

"Again, it's all very normal and part of the death and dying process if you are dying naturally at home."

The video was "liked" more than 17,000 times and received many comments, with one user writing: "I have experienced this with my father-in-law.

"He said, 'Hi mama,' then gently passed away."

Another viewer shared: "My bedridden grandmother got up and bathed and dressed and said, 'I have to be ready when they come for me.'"

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