Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for September 22
22nd September 2022

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You sensed how some areas of your life were likely to pan out and that’s why it will not be an inconvenience having to put yourself out for others. You knew they would need you today and you’re fully prepared to put their needs in front of your own.


If you aren’t happy with someone’s recent behaviour, this needs to be discussed. Looking back you may accept you have not been as loving or as considerate as you could have been and a youngster’s rebellious ways will recede as they receive more attention.


Be prepared to stand a while and gossip with a friend or neighbour. They will share a piece of information you find useful. Circulate among your workmates. Anything you are working on that is important to you will produce satisfactory results.


People are banking on your support at a group gathering or community event. Even if you aren’t keen on this now the time has come, show your face and show respect for the time and effort it has taken by others to get this underway.


You miss someone who used to be always there for you during emotional times. Close your eyes and imagine what advice they would be giving you now. A group effort would have been more successful had someone put more thought and care into the planning.


A new job offer or the opportunity of a promotion might be unexpected but it is worth considering. You may not be looking to make any changes and you won’t feel prepared for all the implications but this could be a chance for you to make a respected name for yourself in your field.


You will concentrate best and get good results by sticking to the background. Besides, this is the place you would rather be when you are unlikely to feel comfortable in a crowd. Be careful about what is being said when discussing someone else’s business.


You will just happen to find yourself in a position to grab an opportunity that could make quite a difference to your future. This is a chance you will take without any hesitation. Are you footloose and fancy free? A get-together this evening will change all that.


A need to explore, expand and experience something new that began earlier in the year seems even more apparent now. Embarking on a spiritual journey will improve your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Make time in your life to commune with nature.


Someone in a senior position is starting to see you through new eyes. It has taken a long time to get your talents noticed. Now you are making progress, continue to showcase your creativity. At last you are seeing the rewards from developing your own style.


The formal atmosphere of what was supposed to be a casual meeting takes you by surprise. New arrangements or obligations will mean more work for you in the future. Have you been told everything you need to know? Is everyone telling the truth? Spend some quiet time this evening, contemplating on your day.


You will be glad when the pace slows down and demands on your time and energy are reduced. A relationship is starting to unsettle you when it is not going as you hoped. What hurts the most is when you get accused for something you didn’t do.

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