Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, May 21
20th May 2022

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Finding new and different things to do while working in a team will strengthen loving bonds. Sharing a hobby, cooking together or walking together will bring a new relationship or friendship closer. If you already have a partner, travelling together will be rewarding, refreshing and fulfilling.


Mixing socially with workmates and encouraging newcomers to your social circle will bring exciting new options into your life. Go out of your way to make new colleagues and neighbours feel welcomed. You should have no complaints about opportunities to get ahead now.


You’ve been so busy lately you haven’t had a lot of time to see friends. Meeting up with one or two close friends will be a good way to give your social life a kick start. Once you get out and about friendly invitations will speedily start heading your way.


Praise will come your way for your practical intervention in a difficult situation. Despite a number of ups and downs you will cope with the challenges ahead of you now. You’re prepared to own up to your responsibilities or to the part you played in a recent problem.


Family get togethers will be fun, enjoyable and hardly any bother at all. Ideas that are being thrown around could mean you will have to rearrange some of your own plans. You will flow with the tide when there is no inconvenience in having to make any changes.


Job and financial opportunities will bring changes into your world even though it may be a short while longer before you start seeing signs of improvement. News regarding the success of a recent undertaking will give you the confidence to push full speed ahead with new, important goals.


Charm, patience and respecting other people’s views will help boost teamwork. Be sure to share your own hopes and wishes with others who can help you achieve these aims. Job hunting will be a success if you feel like a change of career or if you’re unemployed and keen to get back into work.


It will take time, patience and effort but continued diplomacy and sensitivity will help prevent a smouldering resentment from intensifying. Your natural resourcefulness will help a friend solve a work-related problem. You may never get any credit for this but you will be happy to have helped.


Taking on a job you have never done before will bring a previously unrealised potential to light. Taking a creative risk will be incredibly exciting. After a strangely demanding yet rewarding day, make some time this evening to enjoy joint pleasures with your partner.


Your job situation may not have been all you would have liked it to be. This will be changing very soon. A more progressive and harmonious phase is about to begin when it comes to professional affairs. Landing a new job, getting a promotion and being recognised for your past impressive achievements are all possibilities.


You won’t want to admit it out loud yet but you are starting to like someone who hasn’t been the easiest person to get on with in the past. It is entirely possible they’ve been attracted to you all along and soon they just won’t want to hide it. Careerwise you know where you are going and you intend to take the most productive route to get there.


Trends are surprisingly sociable when you had expected a more peaceful and quiet day. Even so you won’t be disappointed when friends approach you with invitations to get togethers and parties. Despite this sociable mood around you there’s a distinct lack of responsibility.

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