Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for February 27
27th February 2023


You aren’t having any trouble coping with your usual routines but there are others who are struggling. You are aware of this from all the complaints and disagreements going on around you. You could help people out but this means your own work will suffer.


Unusual for you perhaps but you just don’t want to think about responsibility today. Mundane things like housework, gardening, cooking and paying bills won’t interest you. What you would be happy to focus on is romance and creativity. Instead of going shopping for groceries, go for a walk.


A neighbour or workmate will keep everyone entertained with their heroic stories. You aren’t sure you believe much of what they say. At least they will have added some amusing moments into your day. A new version will be shared later which sounds more realistic.


It isn’t always obvious how past conditioning can influence the way you think and feel but it will become apparent how much this is so, today. A situation will put you in touch with emotional patterns that have been with you for several years. New levels of consciousness will be reached.


New doors open for you now. You are being invited to have a go at things you have never experienced before. Don’t turn this opportunity down due to your lack of experience. Someone who believes in you will energise you into action.


Getting upset, worried or anxious before sitting an examination will not help you get the best results. You need to remain calm. Remind yourself that whether you pass or fail, the Sun will go on shining. Just do your best. You can’t expect any more from yourself.


An argument with a friend will continue to cause problems between you unless you find a way to reconcile your differences. Give some serious thought to this matter. You’ve never liked contention and even if you are the first to apologise, all you wish for is to be able to put this all behind you.


You are alert to all that is going on. Your strong powers of observation will ensure you don’t miss anything important. A workmate or neighbour is not being honest with you. It will not take you very long to work this out and you will know how to look after your own interests.


Ideas can be created into reality and this is something you will be proving to doubters today. The time for talking is over. By taking action you will feel you are making progress. Someone who accuses you of indulging in fanciful notions is about to be surprised.


A relationship, situation or commitment is starting to make you feel claustrophobic. You enjoy your friendships but you will not want to feel tied or to take on too many joint responsibilities when you have enough of your own.


A new hobby or leisure pursuit will become a talking point among your family and friends. Someone who runs an unusual business will be an inspiration to you. You will be in your element visiting a shop, museum or building that feels like a treasure trove of rare and special items.


You can’t continue to do what you have always done when it is obvious changes need to be made. People will be looking at ways to relieve pressure on those whose responsibilities are now too much for them to handle.

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