Homeless man completely transformed after getting free haircut from barber
14th September 2022

A barber has reduced his TikTok viewers to tears after he made a homeless man look 'brand new' with a free haircut.

Mo, who has been a barber for 16 years, shared the incredible transformation on his account @mosbarbersderby and racked up a whopping 4.2million likes in just six days.

In the clip, rough-sleeper Mark was seen sitting in a chair on a busy street in Leicester with long unkempt hair and a beard. He requested to have a short back and sides and his beard trimmed.

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Throughout the video, Mark expressed his gratitude for Mo, saying: "It's really good of you to be willing to do this. I respect you, you do it for free."

Mo replied that he is doing it to "look after the people" and explained that he realised his passion for cutting hair when he attempted to do his own, aged just 11.

"I was 11 years old, back home, I'm from Sudan originally, at first it was just my head," he said.

"I cut myself my first haircut, then after that, I started cutting my friend's hair. I didn't go to college, do a course. I didn't do nothing."

As the pair got to know each other, Mark explained that he usually sleeps in a doorway on the high street for shelter from the cold and rain, adding that he believes he is safer on his own.

Finally, he was able to take a look at his hair, giving it two thumbs up and huge grin, as he quipped: "My neck feels lighter."

Viewers were left in an emotional state after watching the clip, with one user writing: "Bless you! I’m in tears watching this."

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Another added: "Oh god his eyes, I’m gonna cry.. those eyes are just.. tell a tough story on the outside but those eyes are just, indescribable. They’re beautiful."

A third commented: "Mark is precious, we must protect him."

A fourth said: "Mark made me tear up I wish I could send him something or give him a hug."


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