Hilarious gallery showcases people's VERY questionable tattoos
17th June 2021

What were they inking? Hilarious gallery showcases people’s VERY questionable tattoos – from a disastrous spelling mistake to a terrible tiger

  • Gallery of tattoos showcases some of the worst designs customers have chosen
  • From a very confused-looking wolf to a huge rooster, these inkings are bizarre
  • One person had shoes tattooed on their feet, while another got a pair of socks 

While a bad hair cut will quickly grow out, unfortunately for these impulsive individuals, their terrible tattoo designs aren’t going anywhere.  

From a giant rooster across a man’s back to a dodgy spelling mistake in an inspirational quote, these bizarre tattoos from around the world will make you think twice before committing to getting inked. 

A gallery collated by My Health Gazette showcases some of the worst tattoo designs ever – including one man who decided to etch a pair of pulled-up socks on his calves. 

Other people chose designs of well-loved characters such as Darth Vader, Pikachu and Stitch – but sadly their representations weren’t exactly up to scratch. 

 Tatt’s awful! This man decided to have a giant drawing of a tiger tattooed on his back – but it was all out of proportion

I find your lack of design disturbing! This man was left with a rather incomplete-looking Darth Vader tattoo on his limb

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Pull your socks up! One man was spotted in the supermarket with two sock designs inked on his calves 

That’s gonna cost you! This poorly drawn tattoo is supposed to look like Benjamin Franklin on a $100 note 

Maybe don’t do it? This unfortunate person tried to ink the Nike logo onto their back – but it looks like a child drew it

Clucking hell! For some reason, this man opted to have a giant rooster tattooed over his entire back 

That’s wild! This bizarre tattoo is supposed to look like a tiger’s face within a purple flower 

That’s a howler! This person inked a wolf during a full moon on their stomach, but the animal looks more confused than fearsome 

Stitch up! This tattoo is supposed to look like the protagonist alien from Disney’s hit animation Lilo and Stitch

Hoopless! This man suffered a disastrous spelling error on his tattoo, which should read ‘Never Lose Hope’ 

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