Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Tesla’s Self-Charging Model Y Yacht
21st March 2021

Tesla has been doing great in the automotive industry, and their new move could be in a new direction – superyachts. Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of Tesla, has been offering the world a futurism pathway. Some of his  projects include the Hyperloop, the Boring Company, SpaceX, Neuralink, and of course, the newest car models being produced one after the other by Tesla.

Reports indicate that when Musk started thinking about making a superyacht, he planned to launch a new company with a new name solely for yachts. However, as of now, this new creation is going to be established by Tesla itself. The model’s name might come across as confusing as there is already a car model with the term ‘Y.’ The speculation is that Y stands for a yacht.

The upcoming creation is indeed a marvel to behold. Tesla keeps continuing in the journey to a technological revolution once again. Musk has come up with something that might have seemed impractical as a concept. Tesla’s self-charging model Y yacht is the first electric model of its kind, and it comes with a host of attractive features.

The Ingenious Design

The self-charging Tesla Model Y is the brainchild of Indian designer Dhruv Prasad. Reports suggest that Prasad had designed this beauty back in 2017, and ever since then, the Tesla company has been attempting to execute it.

Tesla’s exclusive model of a superyacht is designed to resemble a squid-like form. Its sleek design ensures a bulk-free and fast-moving vehicle. The hull of this ship is about 131 feet or 40 meters long. The shape is that of a giant squid because it is narrow at the tip and broad at the rear. There is no physical wheel made of hardwood as it is all remote-controlled.

The superstructure of this yacht is like most other vessels. It covers the top deck while creating interior space for the deck below. However, this yacht’s striking feature is a small deck at the back for sunbathing or enjoying the sea. The small and private deck is directly connected to the lower deck. The private deck at the end is also a perfect launching ground for small boats and water transports.

The Arrangement of Spaces in the Yacht

Tesla’s Model Y yacht comes with two decks, one on the top of the superstructure and one below. There is no provision to build more decks because the superstructure’s surface, which forms the ceiling to the lower deck, has circular holes for daylight to lighten up this space. At night or in the absence of sunlight, LED lights will lighten up the lower deck space. The floors of the decks are made of hardwood.

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There might be only three decks on this yacht if one considers the small deck at the back to be a separate one. However, the space on this vessel is not less. The interiors of the lower deck are massive in size. This yacht is more suited for throwing parties than for an extended stay, and the interior spaces are large enough to organize nightlife activities. There are bars and lounges for the guests to be comfortable and amuse themselves.

The marvelous circular tables in the lower deck’s central region appear to have no seats. A creation by Elon Musk’s team is bound to a few tricks. With a remote control system, the tables can go in circular motions to open up into seats. The upper deck is also quite spacious and open. There are glass rooms with beds, and these private areas have spa and massaging rooms as well. The captain might get their private bedroom as speculations suggest.

The Self-Charging Mechanism

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Last but not least is the Model Y’s self-charging mechanism, which makes it stand out amongst luxury superyachts. The concept is to make this ship function on hydroelectricity and solar power.

The plan uses the turbine bearing the Tesla icon to charge the engines with the hydroelectric power produced by the ocean currents. This will keep the yacht charged as long as it is on the ocean waters. However, there is also solar energy which should work as a backup. The solar panels have been installed on the superstructure to absorb energy from the sun easily.

When the yacht is not moving, and there is no hydroelectricity generation, the ship can function upon solar energy. However, if you plan to set out on a cloudy day, that should not be a problem because the primary source of electricity for this vessel is the hydropower produced by its turbine.

Musk and his team have not revealed the cost of this yacht yet. However, it can be expected that this beast will come at a fancy price. With features like these, it can’t help but feel like it will be worth it.

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