Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here
9th December 2022

What’s happening: Today is a mixed bag: Venus squares off with Jupiter, giving you a hopeful attitude…but then it moves into serious Capricorn later today, immediately taking way some of those carefree vibes for the rest of the weekend.

The Sun forms a supportive sextile with Saturn on Monday, which is great for mental clarity, but Wednesday’s square between the Sun and Neptune is an astrological marker of a very emotional day. Finally, on Thursday, Mercury forms an awkward quincunx angle to Mars, making you feel impulsive.

What that means for you:


It looks like you’re finally moving on from the past, Aries. You’re not one to dwell, but there’s a specific person (an ex?) that’s been bugging you, and you’re making peace with them this weekend. Now, it’s time to move forward with your love life. Venus in Capricorn makes you’re taking your love life more seriously—you’re not looking for a fling, you want something real.


You need to let loose and have a little fun, Taurus. You’ve been rather serious when it comes to your love life lately, but Venus in Capricorn is encouraging you to shake things up. Try something or someone new! Get kinky! Experimenting in bed can lead to discovering a new big turn-on, and can help make your relationship more intimate. Don’t worry about rushing. Ease into it.


You’re a carefree, go-with-the-flow type of person, but this week’s astro is asking you to take initiative and make some changes. This weekend’s and Monday’s astrology is ideal for DTRing or shooting your shot. Don’t try to speed the process up or force anything—think about how you want to make these changes, make a plan, and then you can go for it.


Venus entering Capricorn is activating your chart’s relationships zone, Cancer, and you’re getting a little taste of what the upcoming Capricorn season (aka your sign’s cuffing season) will bring. Hit up your crush or ask your date if they’re ready to take things to the next level. The only problem here is Thursday—it looks like an ex wants to come back around. My advice? Focus on the here and now, and leave the past in the past.


You’re feeling a remarkable connection with someone, Leo, and it’s making you want to rush things. You want to give them everything they want and more. Listen. There’s nothing wrong with having enthusiasm, but you run the risk of coming on way too strong and pushing them away. Reel it in a little, and let them know how you feel without being too extra.


There’s tons of action coming your way this week, Virgo! Some good, some bad. I’ll start with the bad: Wednesday’s astro is a major red flag for arguments and misunderstandings. Hidden feelings and secrets are coming out, you’re overthinking everything, and it feels like no one *gets* you… Deep breaths, bb! Take it slow! Now, here’s the GOOD news: Friday’s astro is great for meeting new connections and nurturing already-existing relationships. In fact, Venus’ month-long trip through Capricorn is one of the best times of year for your love life!


Don’t expect too much action in the near future, Libra. This week’s astro is urging you to take your relationship seriously. You’re looking for something stable and secure, so now it’s time to stop playing games—you need to take a practical POV. You can still have fun and mess around, but if you’re not taking care of the romantic, emotional, intimate part of your relationship, you won’t make any progress.


Trust your gut this week. If you have a feeling your boo is sneaking around, or your latest situationship is playing too many games, that’s because they probably are. Don’t start a fight or a confrontation, though. Instead, talk to them about it. Be level-headed. If you can’t sort through the issues, it might be time for a breakup. That being said, Venus in Capricorn activates your chart’s communication zone, so new connections are absolutely on their way.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has been in your sign for the past several weeks…but Friday is your last day to take advantage of this astrology! Flirting, fooling around, and getting busy with someone sexy are all ~in the stars~. But once Venus enters Capricorn, things slow waaaay down. Now’s the time to get grounded and get serious. You can do it!


Take the high road. Be the bigger person. There’s a confrontation happening between you and an ex, and even though you’d love to hit them where it hurts, need to take a deep breath and give them nothing. Don’t let them bug you. Wait it out—and if they’re particularly pushy, don’t be afraid to tap the block button. Venus enters your sign this weekend, making you look ah-mazing, feel even better, and to focus on your love life in the here and now.


Tonight’s astro is just fine, and the connection between Venus and Jupiter is great for asking out someone in your squad or starting a FWB deal. The rest of the week is way different, unfortunately. This astro is a big red flag for getting rejected, so don’t expect much progress in your love life. If you have any important talks to start or if you want to shoot your shot, do it now!


Are you ready to commit, Pisces? I think you’re ready to commit. The past few weeks have been major for your love life, and you’ve been making lots of progress with someone special. You’re still feeling unsure, but don’t you always feel a little unsure? Making a firm decision is hard for you, but now is certainly the time to go for it. Be honest and open about your feelings, and you can make some serious magic happen.

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