Half of singletons over 50 say trust is the key to a happy relationship
23rd August 2022

There are many, many things that go into a healthy relationship – but what do you think is the key component?

Making time for each other? Sex? Good communication skills? Mutual respect?

Well according to a survey by Compare the Market, which looked at the dating attitudes and preferences of single people aged 50 and over, people in that demographic are big fans of trust.

A whole 50% of the 1,500 participants said that is the secret to a happy relationship, followed by respect, which trailed far behind with 26% of respondents picking this option.

Meanwhile, just 3% think intimacy is the secret to a happy relationship and the same percentage thinks it’s independence.

Interestingly, 12% think there’s no secret at all, which implies they’re happy to roll with whatever each individual relationship needs.

When it comes to important qualities in a partner, 55% said being kind and caring and having a good sense of humour are the most important attributes.

On the other hand, 25% think looks are the most important quality for a potential paramour, with 21% of women and 34% of men choosing this option.

Financial security came in at 23%, with 28% of women compared to 14% of men rating this highly.

Rounding out the bottom of the list is job status (4%) and whether a potential partner has kids (3%).

Daters 50 and over aren’t all shy about meeting people online, with (38%) of them having used dating apps and half of those people having done so successfully.

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