Gym-goer fumes as partner uses treadmill behind woman – then he explains it all
24th May 2022

A girlfriend has sparked debate after raging at her other half for using a treadmill behind another woman.

The TikToker, who goes by the name "Ckekahu", spotted her partner doing some cardio but was less than happy with his positioning.

In the video, she walks around the quiet gym to look for her boyfriend and stops to pan the camera before noticing him.

Her boyfriend is seen using a machine at the centre of the middle row, right behind another woman.

An overlay text pops up in the video that read: "Caught him cheating".

She says: "Guys, out of all these treadmills, my boy is going behind the a**. Urgh I gotta go."

Viewers put on their detective work and gave a few possible reasons to Ckekahu.

One said: "One: Golf on the TV right in front of him. Two: She probably was there after him."

A second suggested: "He knew exactly what he doing and he clearly doesn’t think it’ll last so he’s open to publicly humiliate you."

Others said they felt mad for her and were convinced that he was up to no good while some called that as a relationship "red flag".

Ckekahu later gave an update to her legion of fans after having a talk with her boyfriend.

She shared to her viewers: "Every time he goes to the gym and runs on the treadmill, he does go behind the first TV, which is a Sports TV.

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"However that day they were playing golf, which is boring. But we talked about it and we came to a consensus that I'm just completely overreacting.

"I think I just saw that he was running behind a woman and I took it as the perfect opportunity to act crazy but there was no need to because he wasn't there for her."

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