Greggs customers furious as some branches SELL OUT of vegan sausage rolls
3rd January 2019

Queues were out the door at some branches for the new meat-free treats and some stores had sold out by 9am, according to hangry people on social media.

The £1 rolls, which have a Quorn filling instead of sausage meat, launched today.

A huge debate over the flaky pastries erupted on social media after The Sun broke the news about the new product yesterday.

Vegans were excited to buy the new meatless roll but die-hard Greggs fans weren't sure how it would taste.

But clearly people wanted to try it for themselves as dozens of people said that their local branch had sold out of the treats.

They were furious that they didn't get to try the new sausage-less pastry.

Some hungry Greggs fans said they visited multiple shops in an attempt to try the new sausage-less roll but all of them were snapped up.

One lucky customer said her branch had been cleared out too – but she waited for staff to cook a fresh batch as she was so keen to try one.

Another said: "Greggs vegan sausage roll sold out in every shop in Cardiff.

"Lots of lost vegans stumbling around Queen St. Re stock tomorrow please!"

One added: "I went to 4 Greggs stores looking for a vegan sausage roll. Sold out in all of them."

The vegan sausage rolls have divided the nation.

Some say they're a great idea for people who want to avoid meat, but meat eaters argue that the vegan filling shouldn't look so much like real sausage.

Even Piers Morgan got involved, calling Greggs a bunch of "pc-ravaged clowns".

The bakery chain got its own back though, tweeting: "Hello Piers, we've been expecting you."

The 96-layer pastry on the vegan sausage roll is the same used in Greggs' other treats as it doesn't contain butter or eggs.

But the new animal-free latticed roll isn't glazed with milk like its meaty counterparts are.

What does the new vegan sausage roll taste like?

The Sun was one of the first to try the new vegan sausage roll.

It arrived at Sun Towers in a white phone box that looks almost identical to the ones an iPhone comes in.

A sausage roll worth £1 might not be quite as exciting as buying a new phone, but Greggs clearly hopes it will create the same amount of buzz.

The pastry has the same golden colour as it does normally, and you wouldn't be able to tell that this is a meat-free product from just looking at it.

And even when you break into it, the filling is the same pale beige as cooked sausage meat.

But surely it can't taste of meat too?

Honestly – I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

The filling is soft and mild with a hint of pepper.

The pastry is flaky as you like too, and I actually think it might be better than what you get with the meaty sausage roll.

It maybe doesn't have the same depth of flavour as sausage meat, but if you'd told me there was actually pork inside, I'd have believed you.

There's a small price difference and it's not much healthier for you.

But if they run out of meaty sausage rolls, then you won't be hard done by if you pick the vegan option.

The vegan alternative cost 5p more than the bakery chain's 95p pork-filled sausage rolls.

The meat-free version of Greggs' most famous menu item comes after 20,000 people signed a PETA petition for an alternative to the classic pork snack last year. It was then trialled in a small number of stores.

If you want to try the unusual new item, the vegan alternative will be on sale at 950 out of 1,850 Greggs shops.

The Sun was one of the first to try the new treat yesterday.

We thought it tasted a lot like the meaty sausage rolls the bakery chain normally sells – and the pastry was very flaky.

The new treat isn't much healthier than the meaty version with 311 calories compared to 327 in a pork-filled sausage roll.

Greggs sells 1.5million meaty sausage rolls every week in the UK.

Its vegan version will probably not sell as many but there are about 3.5million vegans living in the UK so it is technically possible.

You can find your nearest Greggs using its online store finder tool.

Meanwhile, Greggs fans are furious after the bakery chain hiked prices for the new year, with the price of a meal shooting up by 5 per cent.

And if you're on a January diet, you could actually lose weight by popping to Greggs everyday. One man lost two stone.

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