Gareth Southgate star sign: What star sign is the England manager?
11th July 2021

Gareth Southgate: English humour is probably quite unique

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Gareth Southgate has a calm persona and always comes across as patient and diplomatic but do these traits match his star sign? reveals what the England Manager’s star sign says about him as a person.

What star sign is the England manager?

Gareth Southgate was born on September 3, 1970, in Watford, England.

This makes him a Virgo, as the sun was in Virgo on this day.

We don’t know his exact birth sign, so we can’t say what his Moon or Rising is or speculate about the rest of his chart.

Your sun sign, also known as your star sign, determines your sense of identity, what you consider important, your goals, and your purpose.

Even without knowing about Southgate’s successes and which career path he has chosen, it’s easy to see that he is extremely organised.

Virgo often gets labelled as the “neat-freak” of the zodiac, but this sign is mainly concerned with sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Southgate is probably a list maker, rigorously systematic and always one step ahead of the curve.

Virgos are perfectionists, but this can be one of their biggest faults.

They’re neurotic and judgemental of themselves when they put a foot wrong, which means Southgate certainly won’t go easy on himself and the players in the lead up to the Euros final!

Virgos are very analytical and there’s no doubt that Southgate will have a brilliant plan for the game and iron out all of the flaws he’s spotted.

Virgos strive for perfection in everything and it can drive them to a level of obsessed that causes them to miss out on all the fun and beauty in the world.

It’s likely that Southgate is going to need a long holiday and relaxing break from football once this game is over!

Virgos can be very anxious and prone to overthinking.

Although Virgos tend to make the most sensible decisions, they are so self-critical that they can really hesitate and take a long time to make these decisions.

However, as a football manager, Southgate is used to making decisions on the spot and changing plans.

Southgate probably prefers having set goals and plans and dislikes spontaneity, but that won’t stop him from going with the flow and coming up with a new game plan when needed.

Virgos are humble, discreet, kind, and understated, which makes them very likeable.

Sometimes Virgo may prefer to serve rather than be the centre of attention, so Southgate may prefer training and work behind the scenes to giving interviews.

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