Game of Thrones: The Key Differences Between White Walkers and Wights
25th April 2019

Ever since the very first episode of Game of Thrones, we’ve gotten glimpses of some darkly magical creatures. In addition to dragons and giants, we’ve also seen those tall, scary men with blue eyes (literally) frosted tips, who are frequently followed around by a pack of crazy skeleton-zombies: White Walkers and wights. They’re both are featured prominently (and terrifyingly) throughout the show. The Game of Thrones world can be remarkably confusing if you haven’t read the books (even if you’ve been watching for all eight seasons!), so let’s take a minute to clarify what exactly these figures are. (Note: this is an explanation of the creatures based on what the TV series has shown of them thus far, not based on what George R.R. Martin’s novels have said.)

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