Fresh-faced model spends £75k on tattoos to cover entire body – including penis
7th January 2021

Custom car painter and artist Richard Grossman looks completely different after spending more than £75,000 on tattoos that cover his entire body – including his penis.

The former model, from Pennsylvania, USA, has tattoos from head to toe in various designs. These include tribal designs, text and blackwork.

Richard was fascinated by tattoos from the age of 12 after seeing members of a local biker gang with ink on their necks, which inspired him to tattoo his body.

He got his first tattoo, a sun and moon yin and yang design, on his back when he was 20.

Since then, the 41-year-old estimates that he has spent more than 1,000 hours under the needle and approximately £75,981 on getting his body inked.

Richard admits he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction since he was 12 years old, however since discovering spirituality in February 2006, he has been clean and sober of all substances including tobacco.

Many of Richard's tattoos now honour his straight edge lifestyle – he has the letter 'x' tattooed across his body as a reminder of this.

Richard says he has never had trouble getting work in his current profession due to his look, with the reaction largely positive.

He also says he's inundated with people wanting to touch his skin and ask him questions about the meaning of his tattoos and what they represent.

Richard's tattoos cover most of his face and body and even has his ink on his inner bottom lip and penis – which he admits is his favourite one.

Despite having his more intimate areas tattooed, Richard says the most painful places he's been tattooed are the ball of his ankle and his chest – because this took the longest to complete.

Next, he wants to have the roof of his mouth, back and eyeball blacked out.

Talking about his tattoos, Richard said: "My d*** is tattooed as well as my inner bottom lip.

"When people tattoo themselves like I do, I believe they are not individual tattoos anymore, they're more like hemispheres but my d*** tattoo and pretty much anything @hoode215 has done on me like all the blackwork are probably my favourites."

Richard shares his artwork and pictures of his incredible tattoos on Instagram, under the handle, @keystonecrossbones.

When asked his advice to anyone who was thinking of getting body art, he said: "I will always maintain that I can't stop anyone from doing what they want to but I would say make sure you map it out and that you can because you might want to add to it," he said.

"Appreciate the things you do and experience in this existence because we are only conscious of it now.

"Remember who you are before you place judgement on people you have never looked in the eye because they may be the person who saves you or changes your perception."

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