Foodie makes Percy Pig Pavlova for mate but it looks like ‘slaughterhouse’
24th May 2021

A kind friend decided to combine his pals two favourite things – Percy Pigs and Pavlova – to make a birthday dessert.

However, the results were nothing short of a nightmare as the cook said it “looked like an abattoir.”

Usually, Pavlova is topped with fresh fruit, a sauce and whipped cream.

But, in this case the fruit was swapped out for M&S’ Percy Pig sweets which, when combined with a red fruit coulis looked a bit like a porky slaughterhouse.

Posting on Reddit, the baker said: “My Percy Pig Pavlova looked a bit too much like an abattoir…

“As a bit of context, this was for a birthday where the recipient loved Pavlova and loved Percy Pigs."

They continued: “It was a risk, the sauce (or blood) is a mixed berry coulis.

“Fruit was also provided if people wanted to sub it out.

“It was delicious, but also disgusting at the same time.”

And, the snaps really do justice to how bad the dessert looked.

Around 2,600 people liked the post and many commented their thoughts on the murderous pud.

One foodie said: “Putting chewy sweets on a pavlova … is a choice.”

Another noted: “I love Percy Pigs and I love pavlova. But I'm torn on whether two rights make a wrong here.”

“The fruit on a pavlova is tasty but it also adds a lot of moisture,” a third wrote. “IDK know if dry meringue and chewy sweets are a good pairing. But to each their own!”

Some commenters added that they were surprised he chose a blood red coulis over Percy Pig sauce, but the chef added that he hated the smell of the syrup.

A confused Redditor said: “Why the sauce? It definitely gives it the abattoir look.”

Someone replied: “I mean Pavlova and sauce is normal.

“My guess is it would be quite dry without it.”

And, another added: “The stuff thrown on top is usually juicy and combined with a sauce/coulis.

“OP’s creation looks absolutely vile and a pain to eat IMO.”

A third wrote: “I can’t get over the idea of trying to swallow mushed up pavlova whilst trying to not choke on a largely-unchewed Percy.


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The poster added: “I didn't clock that it would look like a slaughterhouse until after I'd made everything… And I wasn't going to waste a perfectly good coulis.”

Not everyone was so grossed out though – some were willing to try the pudding.

One such commenter said: “Looks like it would be munch to me!”

And, a jokester said: “It does look like the contents of an abattoir sluice but then it's important for kids to understand where food comes from.”

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