Fitness guru posts ‘deleted’ thong snap to show ‘bums aren’t peachy every day’
2nd October 2022

Social media is just a highlights reel.

People tend to post their "best bits" rather than giving a realistic glimpse at their lives.

So to show people aren't as "perfect" as they seem, body positive influencers are hitting back.

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Danielle, a fitness coach from Edinburgh, Scotland, regularly posts self love tips for the 108,000 followers on her @kale.themwith.kindness page.

And for her latest post, she shared "posted vs deleted" pictures taken seconds apart.

While the first snap shows her posing in flattering lighting, the second is much more candid.

Danielle captioned the post: "ANGLES. POSES. LIGHTING. All come into consideration when an influencer is posting.

"Hundreds of pictures are taken, analysed and deleted. Some maybe even manipulated.

"Do you see how big the difference is here?

"If I posted the one on the left people would ask me how I grew my glutes.

"If I posted the right one people would probably try give me tips on how to grow them or how to pose.

"But both of these pictures are me seconds apart. All that’s changed is the lighting, angle and pose.

"Take everything you see on here with a pinch of salt.

"That influencer you admire with a peachy bum, they probably don’t walk around like that every day.

"So, next time you buy into someone’s workout guide to grow their glutes, remember this.

"Sending all the kindness and love."

Danielle's post garnered 6,300 likes – and many appreciated her body positive message.

One commenter said: "I always appreciate your transparency and realness."

Another wrote: "You are so real. Thank you for making me feel confident with my body!"

A third remarked: "Such an important message."

And a fourth added: "Thank you for showing us the reality of social media."


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