Family of 3 Killed After Their Private Plane Crashes Into Michigan Home
3rd January 2021

Three people were killed after their plane crashed into a Michigan home.

After responding to the scene on Saturday, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement they found the house, which was located just north of the Oakland/Southwest Airport, “fully engulfed” in flames.

“We have confirmed there are three fatalities at the scene [are] believed to be the occupants and pilot of the plane,” the police said in a statement, while the local fire department noted that the "occupants of the house made it out safely."

Although the police have yet to share the names of the victims, the Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan released a statement identifying the deceased.

“It is with the deepest sorrow that we let you know of the death of HBA's 2020 President David S. Compo, his wife Michelle and their son Dawson this afternoon, when their private plane crashed into a home in Lyon Township, just a half a mile from the Oakland Southwest Airport which was their destination,” the association wrote. “The family had flown to Canton, Georgia on December 29 and was returning home today.”

The home impacted by the crash belonged to a family of five, according to CNN affiliate WDIV. While the parents and their three children survived the crash, their pet cat did not.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help cover the costs of repairing the home.

According to one neighbor, after the crash, there was “so much smoke” that “you couldn’t even see the house.”

“There was a huge cloud of smoke, really tall flames and we thought the whole house was going to be gone,” Chase Southwick told WDIV.

Another neighbor shared that a plane crash has “always been my biggest fear” about living in the area. “With the airport being there I knew one of these days one of those planes would have to go down for whatever reason," they told WXYZ Detriot.

The crash is currently under investigation.

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