Experts share the 'green flags' you should look out for when dating
16th October 2021

green flags when dating

When it comes to red flags, – those warning signs that someone we’re dating isn’t worth our time – we’re pretty well-versed.

But what about green flags?

Just as there are big stop signs to watch out for when you’re chatting with someone new, there are signals that say ‘go, go, go’.

These are those little glimmers that someone’s a keeper – also known as a kci (the opposite of the ick).

The trick is knowing what they are… and keeping an eye out for them when they pop up.

We chatted with dating experts to find out the signs they advise we watch out for.

They’re a good, clear communicator

Your date says what they mean, is honest, and doesn’t make you constantly decode their messages. This is a good sign.

The green flags are waving if your partner is a good communicator, listener and works to resolve conflict or to understand you,’ says therapist Stina Sanders.

‘Communication is key for any relationship to work. Issues are bound to arise at some point, which is why it’s so important that your partner is open with you and willing to adapt, resolve and accept any differences.’

They’re keen to impress from the get-go

‘The first date will have been planned to make you feel comfortable and special,’ says Michelle, founder of Ignite Dating. ‘They will have taken special effort with their appearance. They will smell good, look good, and try to make sure that you have a great time.’

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