Ever wondered what the futuristic products are in those smarthome TikToks?
28th January 2023

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Hey you, do you spend hours scrolling TikTok before bed, which is exactly what they tell us not to do, before falling down a rabbit hole of ‘smarthome’ videos?

You know the ones, where the person gets home from their day and takes you through their whole nighttime routine, from disinfecting their clothing to cooking dinner with a vegetable cleaner that looks like a Beats speaker before steaming their floors all before bed.

We know we’re not alone, seeing as TikTokker MyKoreanHome has racked up nearly 33million likes from videos showing the most futuristic of houses and products.

Yes, we’re evidently hooked on an organised home.

Or, at least, the illusion of one (hello fellow time-poor chums – and cash-poor *cough* cost of living crisis *cough*).

Still, with the aforementioned veggie purifier now available on Amazon we thought we’d share the most buzzworthy of products that could help you create the smarthome-lite of your dreams, should you have the will and cash to spare (because a self-changing bin really isn’t cheap).

How is life in a smart home #smarthome #technology

Vegetable cleaner

Because who can be bothered washing veggies by hand, eh? This one seems to get the most buzz in those TikTok videos, but ’tis not a bluetooth speaker, instead, this device apparently uses ion purification technology to de-germ your goods before cooking.

Sophie & Panda Fuzzy Ball Towel – set of 2

While this might not necessarily be a ‘smarthome’ item in the way of the tech, you can’t argue with the fact they look ruddy glorious to use in those videos.

Automatic toothpaste dispenser

One of the more entertaining items in the TikTok smarthome videos, now you, too, can save the four seconds it takes to put toothpaste onto your brush manually each morning and eve with an auto dispenser. No, seriously, the idea of not having to squeeze every tiny bit out of the tube and getting it all over yourself it quite appealing, really.

Dish Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder

Pumping dish soap onto a sponge is so 2022 – 2023 is all about this dispenser that does the hard work for you. If you want to live in a smarthome, it’s about the time-savers.

Mini USB Fridge Deodoriser and Freshener

While we apparently still aren’t throwing out our old spinach in 2023, we can at least deoderise the fridge? Right. Anyway, this one is chargable via USB and can also be used in your wardrobes. Freshness calls.

Steam mop

Should you feel so inspired, as the people on TikTok are (or just in general, after watching an Emily Mariko Sunday Reset), to clean your floors before going to bed, you need a stream mop in your life.

Duck Fresh Disc Toilet Cleaner

Look, it might not be the sexiest product, but you really can’t argue with how cool it looks in the videos to see those stamps implanted on the inside of the toilet. Case closed.

Twelve South PowerPic mod charger

PowerPic may be one of the more tech and luxe charging options out there (because let’s make charging exciting in 2023, eh?). Keep it perspex or customise the backing with a graphic, with the magnetic backing meaning your phone smacks on easy for wireless charging.

Self-changing bin

This is one of the more ‘wow’ worthy items in the TikTok smarthome – the bin that changes its own liner. Gone are the days of ripping bags as you try and pull the sides together, splitting the plastic. (For a price) this bin will tie itself up in knots all for your own convenience.

iRobot ROOMBA j7+ vacuum robot

While it may terrorise your pets, this vacuum robot is the ultimate in smarthome wares, as it scours the floor for any tinel morsel of dirt, sucking it right up and sending itself on home to empty its contents when its done (and promises you don’t have to empty its base for months). It’s got to be the hardest working thing in the house.

Cordless Vacuum Sweeper

Not ready to head to Roomba town? We’ve got you. Before you steam those floors, you’ve got to sweep. But don’t you dare bend down with a dustpan and brush – this genius invention will vacuum up your bits with but a simple tilt of the handle.

Rotating dispenser

Put away your individual jars of rice and grains and gaze upon this swivelling wonder of kitchenware with five compartments.

Four-hole frying pan

We really don’t know why we didn’t think of this ourselves. Shun the little metal rings you used to use for this wonder that fries a bunch of eggs (or pancakes) at once like those glorious videos you watch after dinner, where you’ve cooked four eyes individually.

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