Ed Sheeran DGAF What You Think and Defends Wearing a T-Shirt and Jeans Next to Beyoncé
6th December 2018

Just a couple days ago, Ed Sheeran and Queen Beyoncé performed their duet “Perfect” together for the first time at the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa. Their singing was lovely, duh, but most people couldn’t take their eyes off of Ed’s extremely causal getup. Per usual, Ed was in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt underneath a short-sleeved tee while Beyoncé was flawlessly decked out in a gigantic magenta gown.

The contrast was stark, and the critics were swift. Right after people saw what both stars were wearing, a huge debate erupted on social media. Some people thought the outfits perfectly represented white male privilege and thought the public had wrongly enabled Ed to think it’s OK to wear this in the presence of Bey.

Ed Sheeran is a 27 year old man the fact we’ve enabled him to feel it’s ok to dress like this at all, let alone next to Beyoncé really boils my piss pic.twitter.com/Q6XqgTFuvQ

And others thought it just represented their different careers and stage presences.

this is beyonce, she ALWAYS goes above and beyond with what she wears. this is ed sheeran, he ALWAYS wears comfortable clothing when he performs. why? because they both have their own STYLE. this has nothing to do with gender so pls stop making it that way 🙂 https://t.co/xpgYXIImdD

Unsurprisingly, all of this talk on the internet got back to Ed, and he has some words for everyone. Mainly, he DGAF what anyone thinks because he’s still getting paid. He took to his Instagram Stories to post a picture of the shirt along with a joke, “swipe up to ‘get the look'” and “#dresstoimpress.” LOLLLL.

If you feel so inclined, you can get Ed’s T-shirt from the UK streetwear brand Hoax 1994. To shop Beyoncé’s lewk, you’ll probs need your own fashion label. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s Queen Bey for ya.

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