Eco-friendly homeware brands, big and small, to invest in now
21st February 2020

The best sustainable homeware and interior design brands, big and small, to make your space greener. 

We all know it’s not enough to just bring a tote bag to the supermarket anymore. The environment is at the forefront of all of our minds, from the way we travel (train is becoming increasingly popular over plane) to the clothes we wear (eco-fashion brands are skyrocketing in popularity), and it’s clear in the way we’re spending.

You see, money talks – and consumers have a lot to say when it comes to investing in ethical and sustainable products. And although the production of fast fashion has taken a lot of the heat when it comes to consumerism, homewares brands are not far behind in what shoppers expect.

From smaller brands which have had an ethical mission statement from the start andinnovative collectives trying to change the world as and when they can, to household names experimenting with eco-friendly ranges, there are lots of options when it comes to furnishing your home.

Here, we’ve picked out some of our favourite sustainable homewares brands to help make your house a greener place to be. 

  • Weaver Green

     It took Tasha and Barney seven years to create a fabric from plastic waste that would have  the softness and texture of wool, while also being machine washable, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. But we’re so glad we did. 

    A former cider-maker and flooring specialist, the pair now own Weaver Green, a sustainable homewares brand which sells country-style soft furnishings like rugs, cushions and linens. 

    Not only do they look gorgeous (we particularly like the sun-faded tones in the rug picture above), but you know that by buying from them you’re investing in the environment. 

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  • Nkuku

    Nkuku’s aesthetic is the definition of bohemian chic. Earthy colour palettes combined with trend-led designs, it’s enough to make us want to redecorate. 

    From lighting to mirrors, the online range is excitingly expansive. We’ve certainly been known to get stuck down a scrolling hole. 

    But the best thing about shopping with Nkuku is the care they take in sourcing eco-friendly materials and working fairly with artisans all over the world to make sure everything they do is “ethical, eco-friendly and handmade”.

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  • Habitat

    We’re pretty sure you’ll have heard of this high street homewares favourite, but did you know that Habitat has an impressive sustainable range? 

    This interiors heavyweight has experimented using eco-friendly and recycled materials in a range of its products, from the colourful mirror and storage baskets crafted from old magazines to its natural collection of rattan and bamboo beds and lighting.

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Images: Habitat at @habitatuk and Nicki Bamford-Bowes at @andthentheywentwild / Instagram

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