Donald Trump Trolled By J.K. Rowling On Twitter Over Friday Anti-Mueller Tweetstorm, And Her Fans Love It
7th December 2018

The ‘Harry Potter’ creator sees the newest Donald Trump Twitter rant as a valuable character study.

With Friday, December 7, projected to be a highly eventful day in the Robert Mueller Russia investigation, as CNN reported, Donald Trump unleashed an angry “tweetstorm” staring early Friday morning. Trump wrote six Twitter posts attacking Mueller, repeating his often stated accusation that the investigation is a “witch hunt.”

The Twitter rant drew an immediate reaction from former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, as Newsweek reported. “I think Mr. Trump is seeing more and more of the walls closing in on him, which is why he’s becoming increasingly desperate,” Brennan said in an interview.

But Trump’s Twitter posts also brought a response from outside of Washington, from one of the world’s bestselling fiction authors — a woman with seven books on the list of the top 20 selling novels of all time, according to BestLife. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, took to Twitter to troll Trump over his Friday tweetstorm — and her fans appears to love it.

On Friday, Mueller is scheduled to submit two court memos, according to CBNC. In one memo, Mueller will reveal details of the extent to which Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has cooperated with the investigation. In a second memo, Mueller is expected to spell out crimes allegedly committed by Trump’s 2016 campaign chief, Paul Manafort.

Rowling collected all of Trump’s Friday morning Mueller tweets into one image, the posted it with her own take, as a fiction writer.

Clearly, Rowling’s comments that Trump represented “a character of quiet strength, facing his tribulations calmly, fortified by his clear conscience,” were intended with great sarcasm. The 53-year-old British author, who has topped the Forbes annual list of the world’s highest paid writers three times, has a history of criticizing Trump on Twitter.

Rowling’s fans appeared delighted by her latest trolling of Trump, posting nearly 800 replies within the first two hours that her latest post was live on her Twitter account.

Trump wrapped up his Twitter rant by responding to an Atlantic Monthly report from earlier in the week, one which claimed that Trump and his allies have no plan for how to respond to Mueller’s final report. The report claims that this is due, in part, because his aides expect that Trump will simply reply to the upcoming report on alleged Russian collusion with another tweetstorm.

But in his Friday Twitter rant, Trump denied the Atlantic report, claiming that he and his lawyers were currently working on a “counter report” — and that “87 pages” were already written.

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