Dating coach: These are the two types of men who will never commit
21st February 2023

Dating coach reveals the two types of men who will never commit to a long-term relationship – and who to look for instead

  • Louanne Ward advised steering clear of perpetual bachelors and players
  • She said both are characterised by good looks and charm but are non-committal

A dating coach and relationship expert has shared the two types of men you’ll come across when dating who will never commit – and revealed why they are so toxic if you’re looking for long-term love.

Louanne Ward, from Perth, said the player and the perpetual bachelor are the two types of man you need to be able to identify in order to steer clear of.

The reason why is because both will most likely end up breaking your heart by moving on to someone else.

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A dating coach and relationship expert has shared why you need to steer clear of players and perpetual bachelors when dating in order to find long-term love (Louanne Ward pictured)

‘Ladies, there’s a difference between a player and a perpetual bachelor,’ Louanne said.

‘The player is usually a charismatic, confident, well-dressed guy who has been blessed with good looks.’

But, she added, you shouldn’t be fooled by these good looks, as the player is ‘all about conquest, make no mistake about that’.

‘He’s just about the hit it and quit it,’ she said.

‘So once they’ve got what they want, they generally won’t stick around for very long.’

Even worse, Louanne added, such man are ‘quite proud’ of the reputation they have earned as a player and they may even ‘wear that label like a badge’.

When it comes to the perpetual bachelor, Louanne said they are entirely different kettle of fish.

‘These guys are usually successful, good-looking, they’ve never been married or that was a long time ago,’ Louanne said.

On the flip side of this, this type of man will have ‘many relationships’ and ‘happily date somebody for a short period of time’.

‘When you ask them about marriage, they might say “oh yeah I’d like to do that sometime in the future”,’ Louanne said.

‘But they are single by choice. And then never commit for a long period of time.’ 

Louanne (pictured) explained that neither of these two types are looking for lasting love, and they will pick you up and drop you quite quickly

If you are trying to make the decision between these two types of men, Louanne said you need to avoid both and instead look to ‘the rest of the men who actually want a relationship and don’t fit into either of these categories’.

‘Break the cycle of going for the players and the perpetual bachelors,’ Louanne said. 

Her video struck a chord with her followers, who thanked Louanne for sharing her tips.

‘The world is filled with some interesting boys and a lot of good men,’ one person wrote.

‘Thank you for this,’ another added.

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Source: Louanne Ward 

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