Daily horoscope for September 15: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast
14th September 2020

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Tuesday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by a Square between Venus and Uranus in Taurus. Squares are 90-degree astrological angles between two planetary bodies.

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Astrologers argue you should therefore prepare for your love life to experience a major wobble.

And romance is not the only area to be affected – you should also expect your finances to take a hit, so please take care.

The Venus-Uranus dynamic is considered to be full of surprises.

So people may feel almost overwhelmed by this cosmic energy.

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As a result, you may feel overly excited, nervous and possibly restless.

Keeping calm and maintaining a laissez-faire attitude may be key today, so why not simply the dice roll and see where you land?

Tuesday’s Square between Venus in Leo Uranus in Taurus may also mean there is nowhere to hide.

But on the plus side, surprise and even adventure may wait around the corner.

Those hoping to reanimate their love life and perhaps improve their finances can expect something significant to occur during the day.

Now is possibly the ideal opportunity for you to just relax and embrace change.

Take the plunge and try the road less travelled and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Cupid’s arrows are commonly considered capable of playing pranks with this planetary pair.

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Arguably the best advice is to be patient and if things do not immediately work out, give it a day or two before you give up.

All reason may go out of the window, meaning the financial markets may also take a hit today.

Fortunately, the Sun and Pluto are keeping their heads to ensure the boat is kept steady.

As a result, no matter how rocky the ride gets, you are sure to stay on it.

Because of this, now is a time to showcase your stamina.

The Sun and Pluto working in tandem are able to work towards a positive new beginning.

For now, the Leo Moon is in Trine with red planet Mars and there’s some free-floating aggression in the air.

Trines are believed to be a favourable aspect of two celestial bodies 120 degrees distant.

But the Moon enters Virgo as the day is drawing to an end and you are entering the final stretch.

You should, therefore, be prepared to take your life to the next level.

This Trine with Retrograde Mars then enters the void and unfortunately, you might not feel uncomfortable for a bit.

Earth’s nearest neighbour is rather bad-tempered and you may feel a vague sense of irritation for a bit.

However, the Moon soon enters the state sign Virgo and you are most likely ready to get down to business.

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