Daily horoscope for March 26: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast
25th March 2020

The Moon moves from Aries to Taurus this Thursday. These means the celestial orb has got its work cut out today.

Astrologers believe you may need all of your energy at this difficult time because today is particularly challenging.

This aspect is about to make you feel like a total novice.

Expect unfamiliar topics to rear into view as a result.

It is challenges all the way down today so we hope you enjoy a good challenge.

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The Moon forms several Squares both in the morning and afternoon.

The Moon will then proceed to finally create a Conjunction in Uranus, likely leaving you rather discombobulated.

There is a whole range of new things and they could take some getting used to.

The Moon starts this Thursday still in Aries, putting up a brave fight.

Them, as it squares Jupiter and Pluto, closely followed by Mars, it ignites the fighter in you.

There is still fight left in you today.

And not one to accept defeat, the Aries Moon soldiers on, giving you added strength.

The Moon will later enter Taurus, where it runs headlong into newly minted Saturn in Aquarius.



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This is considered a jarring energy so take care.

Today is the first time you will receive a real sense of how your priorities have shifted of late.

The goalposts have moved, meaning you will be struggling to catch up with the changes today.

The Moon conjuncts Uranus at midnight, so expect to experience rathe understandable nerves, as well as excitement.

The world still seems brand new and it is difficult to know where to settle.

If you’re looking for security, you won’t find any of that today.

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