‘Cursed’ Restaurant Owner Says Eatery Is Open Despite Multiple Cars Plowing Into Building
11th December 2018

Owners of an eatery in Denver, Colorado claim that their restaurant must be ‘cursed’ due to having three cars crash into their dining room in just one year.

By now, employees of The Hornet must draw straws to see which unlucky waiter or waitress will be risking his or her safety by taking care of guests seated nearest the restaurant’s entrance. Only a plate of glass separates the employees and unsuspecting risk-taking diners from a big serving of potential danger with a side of irony.

The Denver Post reported that in the early morning hours of Dec. 1st, a dark-colored BMW crashed into the thankfully empty dining area, making it the third car in 2018 to enter The Hornet as a most unwelcome four-door guest. The driver of the BMW was hospitalized briefly to check for injuries before being taken into custody by police.

“This year we are cursed,” Sean Workman, owner of The Hornet, told Fox News 31.

Though the Dec. 1 crash did happen early in the morning, around 2 a.m., Workman stated that employees had been in the dining area just moments before the car plowed into the restaurant.

“We had some staff members that narrowly missed it by a matter of seconds,” Workman added.

“No really… not a drive-thru,” The Hornet posted to their Facebook page. Whether it can be chalked up to terrible fortune or just a terrible location, at least the restaurant has been able to maintain a good sense of humor throughout this trouble.

“Again, not a drive-thru,” an employee spray-painted in black on a large piece of plywood that boards up the damaged area. The hashtag “#notadrivethru” was also added to the plywood wall.

Speaking of boarding up damaged areas, a different part of The Hornet was boarded up when the BMW crashed on Dec. 1st due to another car having plowed into the restaurant in November. Yet another side of the eatery had been damaged by a third driver back in February. Talk about rotten luck.

The rotten luck continues in that besides having to deal with insurance claims and massive repairs, The Hornet worried that they might lose out on business from regular customers who would mistake the restaurant for being closed due to its damaged appearance.

“#Parkingintherear,” another spray-painted sign read on the temporary plywood wall. “We assure you, we are open.”

“We have holiday parties and we don’t want to let our guests down,” a post on The Hornet’s Facebook page read. “Also, there are 43 wonderful employees here that need to earn a living and we hope the Baker neighborhood will come out and support us. We will keep you posted.”

If you think that having three cars crash into the same restaurant in just one year is bizarre, hold onto your place settings. A restaurant in Brockton, Mass., was damaged in August when a car ran into its dining room, making it the third crash in two years for the eatery. While this still makes The Hornet the unlucky winner of the nation’s most cursed restaurant, hopefully, this will serve as a wake-up call to distracted drivers.

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