Coyote Sneaks Into California Backyard, Brushes Up on Its Golf Game
3rd June 2020

Coyotes often get a bad rap, but this one was just looking to have some fun.

On May 22, a family in Tarzana, California, caught this footage on their Ring camera of a coyote making its way into their backyard and playing on their putting green. In the clip, which lasts just more than two minutes, the animal appears to play catch with itself, though never nails that hole in one.

According to the home's owner, via Mashable, the creature stuck around for about three minutes, then left the scene. Sounds like us when we get frustrated on the course …

The Humane Society of the United States says coyote encounters with humans are quite rare, especially in urban and suburban areas, and that the animals rarely attack people. However, they can come out at night in search of prey, so keep small house pets inside after dark if you aren't able to closely monitor them.

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