Couple’s neighbour ‘installs cameras’ so they block her view with washing line
17th August 2021

A couple fuming that their neighbours for allegedly installing a number of security cameras that overlook their property have come up with a clever hack to get privacy.

Meghan Reid has posted several videos showing her and her partner’s battle with her neighbour.

In a recent clip, she shared how they have now started hanging up a washing line to block their neighbour’s view.

The video shows her other half hanging up the line and putting bedsheets on it, which prevents people seeing into their garden.

She then zooms in to show what seems to be at least one CCTV camera on the other property.

In a follow-up video, Meghan claimed her neighbour bizarrely phoned police over the washing line – but they just “laughed”.

“The final product, she called the police and they laughed,” she wrote.

“She actually contacted the counter-terrorism line and said they were hanging from the power lines.”

The collection of videos have been seen millions of times since being shared to TikTok.

One horrified viewer asked: “Does this not qualify as an invasion of privacy? I do not understand how people are allowed to do this.”

“Point mirrors directly at the camera lens,” another jokingly suggested.

A third added: “Mental note for when I one day can buy a house to buy a house far away from other people.”

And a fourth said: “This is 1,000,000% my level of pettiness.”

Others asked her how she knew the cameras were recording her garden, to which she replied with a video of screenshots from the devices.

It comes after another homeowner was left completely mortified after receiving an awkward note from their neighbour.

Sarah Yates was sent a letter through the post telling her that others on the street could “see everything” when she showered thanks to a bathroom renovation.

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