'Counting On' Did Jill Duggar Just Secretly Show Support for LGBTQ Rights on Instagram?
10th December 2018

It’s no secret what the Christian fundamentalist church the Duggars belong to teaches about gay rights. The entire Duggar clan – especially Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar’s husband – have faced criticism from fans and the media alike for their approach to the topic.

TLC cut ties with Derick in 2017 after he put out transphobic tweets about Jazz Jennings. In early 2018, the Counting On couple made headlines again when they helped promote a same-sex attraction event at their church. Fans quickly caught on that it wasn’t a celebration of the LGBTQ community, but rather an effort to convert them to heterosexuality.

 Does Jill Duggar secretly support gay rights?

Jill Duggar’s father, Jim Bob, and her husband Derick are both outspoken against the LGBTQ movement and make no effort to hide what they believe. But Jill Duggar may have a more liberal worldview than it appears.

Fans noticed that the Counting On star posted a series of photos promoting shirts from a company called Oliver & Otis. The business makes graphic t-shirts with a range of different themes – some are religious, some are not. But the one that caught everyone’s attention was a t-shirt that said “Love without end, Amen” underneath a photo of a rainbow.

Love Without End shirt | jillmdillard via Instagram

The Instagram post has hundreds of comments speculating on whether it quietly references gay rights or not. One commenter said, “there is a biblical meaning to the rainbow and it has NOTHING to do with LGBTQ.” Still, it seems suspect that she’d choose to promote that specific shirt style which would clearly send a message to fans.

Most fans saw the shirt as a message of support for LGBTQ rights

Most people who commented on the Instagram post believed their initial reaction and saw the inclusion of the rainbow shirt as a subtle message from Jill Duggar to her fans.

“I love the rainbow shirt,” one follower wrote, “Love without end…for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation.”

“Omg love the LGBTQ shirt!!” another said.

Yet another commenter really drove the point home and said: “Jill I am soo proud of you supporting the LGBTQ community. I’m happy Der is not hate filled anymore towards Jazz. That’s what Jesus would do.”

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Did the rainbow really mean anything?

So far, Jill Duggar has kept quiet on whether her promotion of the shirt really meant something deeper. Many have made the valid point that rainbows are a popular symbolic feature of Bible stories, including Noah’s Ark. But it’s notable that Jill Duggar hasn’t made a statement one way or the other regarding what the shirt could mean.

Perceptive fans also noticed that “Love Without End, Amen” is a country music song written by Aaron Barker and recorded by George Strait. The song tells the story of a child who gets in trouble at school and expects to be punished, but instead, his father forgives him and tells him fathers always love their children no matter what. This theme continues until the boy reaches the gates of heaven where God himself promises the man “Love without end, Amen.”

The message is clear: everyone deserves love.

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