Cosplay model slams trolls who call her ‘dumb eye candy’ despite being nurse
29th September 2022

A woman hit back at trolls who call her "dumb eye candy" despite working in the healthcare industry.

Kat Wong is a nurse who often moonlights as a cosplay model where she dons sexy outfits for social media.

But men often assume she's dumb despite having a university degree and speaking three languages.

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The model grew up and got straight As in high school before completing a nursing degree at university.

But when she's not at work in the hospital, Kat wows in stunning outfits for her social media posts.

She said: "I would say that 99% of guys are totally cool and treat me with dignity and respect.

"Unfortunately there is that tiny minority who think just because I'm not dressed like a nun, I must be an easy airhead.

"It's infuriating because I worked my a** off in high school and college to get where I am today.

"I was a straight A student throughout and earned that through intelligence, hard work and determination."

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The model, who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English, believes she's confident in what she does.

She added: "Men should respect that and if they can't keep their opinions to themselves – leave me alone."

Kat was born in Hong Kong and grew up watching anime, cartoons and obsessively reading Manga comic books.

Her family moved to Michigan, US, when she was nine which is when she instantly fell in love with Marvel.

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All this gave her a passion and she was "hooked" on dressing up after attending her first Comic Con in 2019.

Now she spends "every spare minute" going to conventions, talking with other fans or posting snaps of her outfits.

She juggles her side gig while working full-time as a nurse in a Californian hospital.

And she claimed the "weird" thing is that hardly anyone she works with knows this about her.

She continued: "Outside of work I'm so obsessed with cosplay that it's all I talk about.

"But when I'm at work it doesn't enter my mind – I am totally focused on the patients.

"Although it was never intentional, it has meant that hardly any of my colleagues or patients know about my hobby.

"I just love dressing up and going to the conventions. It's like being a real-life superhero."

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