Controversial Pot Noodle flavour that left shoppers divided
5th November 2023

Controversial Pot Noodle flavour that left shoppers divided returns to supermarket shelves for Christmas

  • The flavour had been discontinued for 12 years before returning in 2022 
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Foodies are at odds after Pot Noodle have opted to bring back a controversial festive flavoured snack.

This is the second consecutive year that the Christmas-themed food item has returned to supermarket aisles. 

The limited edition gravy and stuffing flavour is said to taste similar to a traditional Turkey Christmas meal.

Before being discovered by food fans on ASDA shelves in 2022, production of the 100g Pot Noel had been discontinued for 12 years.

The Christmas edition Pot Noodle flavour has been spotted by foodies on ASDA shelves. The flavour costs the same as any other, setting you back £1.40 (pictured: Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle)

A pot of the festive noodles has the same price tag as an ordinary tub, and will set you back £1.40.

Fans were left divided on the return of the unusual flavour after it was discovered by foodies on Instagram.

The image of the red and white Pot Noel was captioned: ‘Christmas, Gravy and Stuffing Pot ‘Noel’ Noodle! Out now in ASDA.’

Some fans took to the comments to express their outright disgust, with one writing: ‘They are repulsive!’ Another chimed in:  ‘Don’t touch them… they’re disgusting.’

Others sat on the fence, with one person quipping: ‘I’m not too sure about this,’ while one individual commented:  ‘Emergency lunch?’

But some Pot Noodle customers were excited for the flavours return with a fan saying it: ‘Sounds amazing!’

Another foodie added: ‘[I] tried [this] last year and really liked it.’ Other curious customers were fairly keen on trying the item, with an individual pondering: ‘I mean, we should try this?’

The gravy and stuffing Pot Noel was discontinued for 12 years before being brought back to supermarket shelves in 2022. Reportedly, you can only buy the out of the ordinary flavour in ASDA supermarkets

However, if you are eager to try the out of the ordinary flavour you can reportedly only purchase them at ASDA supermarkets, according to the Sun.

You can check if they are available in your local ASDA shop by using the store locator, as prices may differ.

This comes shortly after shoppers were left fuming after the price of a pot noodle doubled in the space of a year.

Unfortunately for foodies the price tag of a Pot Noodle has skyrocketed by 93 per cent in certain UK supermarkets, according to The Sun.

This means the cost of the well-known snack has increased more than five times the food inflation rate. 

Sainsbury’s stock six different flavours of the item, including the fan favourite – chicken and mushroom.

However, the noodle pot will set you back an eye-watering £1.35 when purchased from the supermarket chain.

This is despite the dehydrated instant snack previously being priced at only 70p last August in a promotion deal.

Before this the base price of the product stood at £1.

Fans were left divided regarding the gravy and stuffing flavoured Pot Noodle, with some pondering whether they should give the limited-edition flavour a try

Despite increased profits, in July, Unilever were adamant that their margins were the same as pre-pandemic levels.

They maintained the cost of a pot noodle was at the sole discretion of retailers,’ and that they weren’t raking in the dough to the detriment of consumers.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: ‘While prices can go up and down for a range of reasons, we’re committed to offering our customers great choice and value when they shop with us.  We offer a range of instant noodle products starting from as little as 25p.’

Unilever have been approached by MailOnline for comment.

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