Clare Crawley and Dale Moss were ‘in lust’ not love, expert says
22nd January 2021

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Clare Crawley and Dale Moss were not in love, but appeared “fully in lust,” according to dating expert Maria Sullivan.

Sullivan, who is the vice president of the matchmaking website, said it would be a “very rare situation” for Crawley, 39, and Moss, 32, to actually be in love with how little they knew about each other before they got engaged. (The former NFL pro proposed to “The Bachelorette” after knowing each other for less than a month).

“Lust is more about sexual desire and physical attraction instead of actually being in love with someone,” Sullivan told Page Six on Thursday. “A major sign of being in lust versus love is if a couple is very touchy or their relationship is based off of wanting to physically be together more than an emotional connection.”

In early episodes of Crawley’s season, the reality star was often very physical with Moss, including during a steamy make-out session with the model in her La Quinta bedroom.

“Although it is possible to fall in love at first sight, in this case I believe the ex-couple were fully in lust,” Sullivan said.

The veteran dating expert said a major flag in Crawley and Moss’ relationship was that they had “not spent that much time together and rushed into an engagement after only knowing each other for a few weeks.”

“For future relationships I would recommend taking things slower,” Sullivan advised. “Love and finding someone you connect with is a beautiful thing. There is no reason to rush into anything too fast.”

A source close to the couple exclusively told Page Six previously that the pair split after just five months together because they had been fighting over plans for their future.

“I don’t know what the specific breaking point was, but she wants him to move to Sacramento and he’s not crazy about that,” the source said. “She wants kids right away, he doesn’t.”

Some have questioned whether the couple’s age-gap played a role in whether they were in two different stages of their lives (Crawley famously yelled out “Babies!” when host Chris Harrison asked what’s next for the pair).

However, Sullivan said that age doesn’t always matter in the “long run” of a relationship.

“Sometimes being with someone so different from you will bring out aspects in your personality that you didn’t even know existed,” she said. “How you are treated and how your partner makes you feel is what’s important.”

Lastly, Crawley and Moss have handled the breakup announcements very differently with Moss being very candid about the split, revealing it’s what was “healthiest for the couple,” and Crawley sharing on Thursday that she was “crushed” and “needed some time to digest this.”

“People handle relationships and breakups differently,” Sullivan said. “Because Clare and Dale were in the public eye, they probably felt that it was their job to share with their following that they have broken up, even if it did happen really fast. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to handle a breakup as everyone has their own way of coping.”

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