‘Cherry mocha nails’ is the manicure trend to ask for this autumn
19th September 2023

Autumn is in full swing, and though the weather may be gloomy outside, when it comes to fashion and beauty we’re all about embracing the season’s signature colour palette.

Your manicure is the perfect way to incorporate some seasonal hues into your day to day look, and TikTok never lets us down when it comes to spotting the next trending shade.

Currently, cherry mocha nails are taking off on the social media site and we’ll most definitely be asking for the colour at our next nail appointment.

Combining a rich chocolate brown with a deep burgundy shade of red, the manicure not only embraces the colours of autumn’s changing leaves, but also gives a new season spin to the latte beauty looks that were popular over the summer.

The colour is the perfect versatile hue that adds a touch of understated glamour to even the most minimalist of outfits and is just as appropriate for work as it is for a night out.

Although you can ask your nail technician for the shade at your next appointment, the beauty of a block colour trend is that it’s easy enough to recreate at home, too.

In a TikTok video shared byAna Alvarezthat’s racked up more than 100k likes and 29k saves, Ana shared a look at her cherry mocha nails and revealed her manicurist had used DND Cherry Mocha nail varnish, £8.50 here, to achieve her viral nails.

However DND’s gel polish requires a UV lamp to cure it, so if you don’t have one at home you can opt for the Beauty Pie Wondercolour Nail Polish in shade Black Cherry Bomb, £7 here (was £20), which has a similar colour, or the essie Gel Couture in All Checked Out, £9.99 here, which has a slightly more brown-toned hue to it.

If you want to create the perfect cherry mocha nails, though, you can mix up your own colour using a chocolate brown and a dark red shade.

If you prefer a more chocolate-based colour, start with a shade like essie Original Nail Polish in Not To Do, £8 here, and add a few drops of your red colour to it. We love essie Nail Colour Shearling Darling, £7.19 here (was £8.99), for it’s slightly brighter burgundy colour.

If you’d rather your nails were predominantly red-based, simply swap your colours, and add your brown shade to your red one until you create a colour you’re happy with. Rather than spoiling the whole bottle, use a mixing plate like this Resin Mixing Palette, £1.72 here (was £5.49), and drop some of each colour onto it to mix them.

Cherry mochas might not be popping up on our drink order any time soon, but we’ll definitely be adding them to our next manicure menu.

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