Carey Mulligan’s vengeful new film is a must-watch for Killing Eve fans
14th October 2020

Promising Young Woman is the new film written by Killing Eve writer Emerald Fennell, produced by Margot Robbie, and starring Carey Mulligan. Here’s everything we know about the movie’s tale of revenge so far…

Emerald Fennell is the writer behind season two of Killing Eve, who seamlessly took the reigns from the show’s creator, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, to continue the deliciously dark yet hilarious story of assassin Villanelle and Eve Polastri. 

Fans of the show will be delighted to hear that Fennell has a film coming out, which stars Carey Mulligan in the lead role. And with Margot Robbie also listed as a producer, we’re already obsessed. 

The second thrilling trailer for 2020’s Promising Young Woman has just been shared online, along with a release date, so we’ve put together absolutely everything you need to know about the movie. 

Watch the latest trailer for Promising Young Woman

We see Cassie reflecting on something that happened during her time in college, which led her to leave “under unusual circumstances”. But it looks like she’s now back at the college to confront the past and the people in it. With a spine-tingling orchestral version of Britney Spears’ Toxic playing in the background, Cassie embarks on a story of revenge, featuring incredible costumes, razor-sharp dialogue and some violent moves. 

It looks cool and creepy in equal measure, and we’re here for it.

What’s the full story of Promising Young Woman?

Cassie is a barista and ex-medical student. Every week, she goes to a club, pretends to be too drunk to stand, and waits for a “nice guy” to go over and check if she’s OK. What happens next? We’re not completely sure, but she clearly doesn’t have the best intentions. 

 A former classmate called Ryan re-enters her life and so does the possibility of healing—until new details about the death of her best friend infuriate Cassie and inspire her most potent confrontation yet.

Speaking about her decision to write the film, Fennell recently told The Los Angeles Times: “When I was thinking about Promising Young Woman, I wanted to make a revenge movie, but a movie about how a woman, a real woman, might take revenge, which is different I think to how we normally see it

“In many ways, it’s a revenge thriller, it’s a romantic comedy, it subverts a lot of tropes we’re used to seeing.

“So one of the first things I thought of was, ‘I wonder what would happen if I went to a bar and pretended to be drunk — really, really, drunk. If somebody hit on me and then realised I wasn’t drunk, would they feel weird about it?’ 

“And if the answer is yes, which I believe it is, then the argument that there’s nothing wrong with that method of seduction is null and void. You only get caught out, you only feel caught out, if you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t be.”

Who stars in Promising Young Woman?

Mulligan of course stars as the delectably dangerous lead character, Cassie. It looks like a role that is completely different to anything she’s ever done before, but this is one of the best actors out there – so she’s going to be brilliant. 

There’s also a familiar face from The OC. Yep, Adam Brody (best known as Seth Cohen) is one of the men who take Cassie home after a night out. 

Laverne Cox, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie and Molly Shannon are also part of the killer cast.

Speaking about the cast to Empire magazine, Fennell explained:  “I wanted to cast people that we all want to like. When you hear something about somebody you love, you don’t want to believe it. I want to test at every stage our affiliations, our allegiances. It’s so much more interesting than, ‘Oh, well he’s evil and I hope he dies’.”

But will Promising Young Woman be in cinemas this year?

Promising Young Woman premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was originally set to open on 17 April before the pandemic pushed all titles. But fear not: the movie is now to be released in cinemas on 25 December. Although it might not exactly scream Christmas, we’re just so glad it’s finally coming to our screens.

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