Cardi B Breaks It Off With Offset Amid Affair Rumors
6th December 2018

The two musicians are calling it quits after a year of marriage.

There’s another twist to the emerging story of Cardi B’s breakup with rapper Offset, and things are getting heated. According to reports by TMZ, new text messages have emerged alleging that Offset was interested in having a threesome — and Cardi was not invited to the romantic interlude.

Reports are coming in claiming that the reason for the split came down to infidelity. Offset has been accused of sending salacious texts to a woman known as Summer Bunni. These texts appear to show Offset arranging a romantic meeting between himself, Summer, and a female rapper called Cuban Doll.

The texts, which are dated before June 28, would have been sent while Cardi was still pregnant with the couple’s child, Kulture. The leak, which was executed by a woman who had a falling out with Cuban Doll, also featured a shot of a FaceTime conversation involving Offset.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a relationship. Cardi B and Offset wed secretly in September of 2017 and welcomed their daughter Kulture in July of this year. The two have been very demonstrative about their relationship, sending racy Instagram and Snapchat messages as well as getting cozy on the red carpet at numerous events.

But all that changed on Wednesday when the rapper took to Instagram to announce that she and Offset were ending their relationship for good. In a racy topless video, the rapper explained that she and Offset had been working on things for a long time, but that their marriage had come to its conclusion.

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The rapper was vague about the reasons behind the split, asserting only that the two are very good friends. Cardi B was quick not to place blame on the father of her child, and overall kept the message surprisingly positive considering the circumstances. She explained that it might take time for a divorce to go through and asserted that she and Offset would remain friends and business partners, regardless of what else went down between them.

Offset seemed less positive about this turn of events. As reported by Complex, he posted a mysterious comment to Cardi B’s Instagram announcement that simply said, “Y’all won.” Whether this refers to the rumors surrounding their breakup remains to be seen.

It’s been a challenging few months for Cardi B; besides the breakup of her marriage, the rapper has endured legal woes after being charged with assault against two bartenders, according to Vulture.

The situation has been further complicated by the rapper being a no-show for her latest court appearance, opting instead to work on her new music video. If Cardi B does not appear at the next date, the judge has warned that she could face jail time.

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