Can you find Santa Claus in this busy market scene?
11th December 2018

New festive puzzle challenges players to find Father Christmas in a busy market scene – so can YOU beat the record of 18 seconds?

  • Bustling Christmas market scene puzzle conceals just one Father Christmas 
  • Plenty of people distract viewers with their Santa hats and festive red coats
  •  Newcastle-based leading ferry operator, DFDS, created puzzle this week

Visiting bustling Christmas markets is a festive tradition for many looking to find the perfect present for their loved ones. 

But this new festive brain teaser is challenging players to find Father Christmas among a huge crowd – and it’s harder than it looks.

The scene features dozens of shoppers wearing red and white costumes just like Saint Nick – including fur-trimmed coats, Santa hats and piles of presents – but only one is the real deal.

So can you beat the record of 18 seconds?  

Scroll down for reveal… 

This festive puzzle is challenging viewers to find Santa Claus among the busy Christmas market scene – so can you spot Father Christmas?

The sea of red clothing and scarlet stalls with snowy decorations also serve to throw people off as they hunt down Father Christmas.

So far, the fastest time is just 18 seconds, but other people have taken up to two minutes to track him down.

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Eagle-eyed viewers will spot Santa Claus hiding above the stall towards the centre of the scene.

Unlike other pretenders in the scene, Santa has his hat, his signature white beard and a buttoned coat complete with a black belt. 

The puzzle was devised by Newcastle-based leading ferry operator, DFDS, which offers trips between Newcastle and Amsterdam, and Dover and Calais to the Christmas markets in Europe.

Eagle eyed players will spot the only true Santa Claus – complete with beard, hat and red coat with distinct buttons and belt – above the most central stall

Another festive puzzle last week challenged the web to spot the bag of cash among the presents 

Sharp eyed players should be able to spot the bag in the lower right corner of the image in the same shade as the mint-green ribbon

The puzzle isn’t the first to leave viewers scratching their heads this festive season. 

Last week, GoSimpleTax challenged netizens to spot the bag of money among the Christmas gifts. 

With both the missing money and the presents in exactly the same shade it is near impossible to spot.

Sharp eyed players should be able to spot the bag in the lower right corner of the image in the same shade as the mint-green ribbon.

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