Camilla ‘at the peak of powers as a royal’ before online abuse ‘undid’ confidence
27th December 2020

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The Crown has been slammed by experts and insiders for its depiction of the Royal Family and has even been called a “hatchet job” by former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter.

Historian Simon Heffer has called it “a disgrace”. Writers have defended the show, but however you slice it, the programme has been controversial.

It also seems to have stirred up negative sentiments in relation to Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, with their official royal Twitter account turning off comments.

Body language expert Judi James spoke with about the recent events.

She particularly analysed Camilla’s body language in the wake of the show being aired.

The expert told “Up until recently Camilla was at the peak of her powers as a royal.

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“Her body language has always reflected a sense of anxiety and wariness in public, but she had begun to emerge as a royal power-broker in her own right, taking on visits, appearances and speeches without her husband by her side to offer protection and support, and her signals of confidence had increased to the point where she had begun to look like a viable monarch and influencer in her own right.”

However, according to the expert, The Crown has set Camilla back in this remit.

“Then The Crown came along and Camilla’s role in the Diana story was regurgitated, reminding older people who might have started to forget the tragedy and astonishing younger people who might never have heard the details and imagined Camilla was nothing more than the only true love of Charles’s life.

“The effect of this light-shining on a very poor time of her life seems to have been to undo all the slow-grown confidence that Camilla had begun to signal and to see her retreat slightly into Charles’s shadow again.”

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In fact, the Duchess’s wardrobe reflects this, too, the expert claims.

“Her wardrobe has returned to dull colours and less attention-grabbing styles and on a recent visit to Liverpool, her drab pinafore dress and blouse looked very similar to a nun’s uniform.

“Her most recent charity-supporting video speech showed the lowest levels of confidence as she read from a script in a semi-monotone with her voice dropping away and with a lack of the sweet, kind, maternal-looking smiles that she has become known for.”

This week Camilla stepped out for an annual event she does every year in conjunction with a hospice.

She wore blue and a diamond brooch for the event, and pictures were posted on Instagram.

However, the post and Camilla were hit by trolls who flooded the post with messages, some criticising the Duchess of Cornwall, others simply writing the word “Diana.”

However, fans came to Camilla’s defence.

“People writing ‘Diana’ seriously need to grow up!” one said.

Prince Charles and Camilla have been married since 2005, meeting for the first time in 1971.

They have maintained a friendship for almost 50 years.

A relationship expert has relayed her thoughts on this long relationship.

Sami Wunder, whose expertise has been featured on the BBC, Time Magazine, Glamour and the Sunday Times, among others, told “Camilla has been a stabilising factor for Prince Charles through and through.

“She is the woman who has been a friend, who has heard him out, who has been there when things were rough in his marriage and again.

“I think it’s their friendship, more than the romance, that has stood the test of time.”

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