Bryce Hall Joins Dog for Dog as Investor and Partner
1st March 2023

Content creator and entrepreneur Bryce Hall is using his social media presence, which reaches over 28 million followers across platforms, to help dogs in need. The influencer and media personality is the newest investor and partner of Dog for Dog, a premium dog food company that specializes in producing high-quality, natural dog food, treats, supplements and other products.

“I have always loved dogs,” says Hall. “I feel it is my generation’s responsibility to end the idea of any dogs being killed in a pound or shelter because they can’t be fed or can’t find a home. That’s why I put my time and money behind such a worthy company.”

Committed to providing the best possible products on the pet market, the company is taking that commitment even further by donating a significant portion of its net sales to help dogs in need.

“Dog for Dog is not just a company, but a movement,” says founder Ryan Kavanaugh. “When we created Dog for Dog, we realized there is a huge need in the market for dog products which use the newest breakthroughs in medicine, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, nutrition and advancements in genetics to help extend both the quality of life and lifespan of dogs. That is our goal.”

As part of its new partnership, Dog for Dog has launched a dedicated site, Bryce’s Dog House, which offers special products, giveaways and offerings available exclusively to Hall’s fans and followers.

“We are thrilled to add Bryce as an investor and partner, and to launch Bryce’s Dog House to help bring the best dog products to dog owners and help educate people on the importance of helping dogs in need,” says Tamoor Shafi, CEO and managing partner for Dog for Dog.

Hall is the latest celebrity investor and partner to join the company alongside Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé. “To stand side by side with industry titans like Snoop, Michael and Ryan is an honor, and I have agreed to take on the responsibility of making sure my generation understands the importance of helping shelter dogs and Dog for Dog’s role in it,” says Hall.

Snoop and Bublé are both dog lovers and share a commitment to providing the best possible care for pets. Snoop has 11 rescues of his own, while Bublé and his actress wife Luisana Lopilato have taken active roles in helping to save thousands of dogs in Argentina, Lopilato’s home country.

“Michael and I are dedicated and passionate dog lovers and we want to do our part to stop the suffering dogs endure in shelters, while also helping to provide the best dog products. We are proud to be part of Dog for Dog,” says Lopilato.

Since its launch in 2010, Dog for Dog has been dedicated to producing premium, natural dog food and treats made with only the finest ingredients. The company’s line of dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats are made with high quality protein, vegetables and fruits and are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The company has won an array of awards, including a “best in show” designation at the 2014 Global Pet Expo.

Dog for Dog’s primary products include “DogsFood,” “DogsButter” (an all-natural line of peanut butter made especially for dogs), “Dogstreats” and soon-to-be launched “Dogsbars,” as well as canine products in the dental, hygiene and hair care categories, which are developed with the goal of improving dogs’ health and extending their lives.

To date, Dog for Dog has donated more than 1 million pounds of dog food to animals in need. Additionally, the company provides a significant portion of its profits to help animal rescue organizations like Labelle Foundation, who share a similar ethos. Fueled by its mission to get shelters to “zero kill,” the company also aims to donate 5 million pounds of dog food in the future, and strives to help stop the euthanasia of dogs around the world. By donating a portion of each sale to shelters in need, every purchase of a Dog for Dog product goes toward the goal of stopping needless killings of dogs in pounds and shelters.

Dog for Dog is planning to launch a new initiative to offer a two-month supply of complimentary dog food to individuals who adopt a dog from their network of shelter partners. This initiative aims to encourage more people to adopt dogs while also providing new pet owners with access to high-quality dog food.

“We are incredibly grateful for our loyal customer base and partners who share our values and support both our mission and the products we offer,” says Shafi. “We’re excited to take our commitment to dogs even further and continue making a positive impact in the pet community.”

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