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3rd December 2018

Brittany Cartwright | Brittany Cartwright Instagram

Fans seem to be obsessed with spotting newly pregnant celebrities and that obsession extends to the women of Vanderpump Rules. A number of celebrities have had to shut down pregnancy rumors when an unflattering photo is taken at an odd angle.

Even hand placement on a photo can create a frenzy. Camila Cabello posted an image with her hands resting on her stomach, People reports. Her coy caption, “You’re still the only thing I did right” didn’t help. Of course, that sparked comments. So she responded, “Guys, don’t be crazy. I’VE BEEN TOURING AMERICA EATING DELICIOUS FOODS LEAVE ME AND MY BELLY ALONE!”

And then there’s the endless speculation about Jennifer Aniston. The actress eats a cheeseburger and goes paddleboarding and suddenly the Internet is exploding with rumors. Aniston penned an op-ed in The Huffington Post addressing the buzz. For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up. I’m fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of ‘journalism,’ the ‘First Amendment’ and ‘celebrity news.’” Unfortunately, anyone in the public eye deals with this kind of scrutiny, which can be frustrating and annoying. The women of Vanderpump Rules are no exception.

Brittany Cartwright posted this gorgeous picture but then…

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How about this angle? ??

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How about this angle? ??

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How about this angle?

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Cartright was in the holiday celebratory mood and posted a beautiful image on Instagram with the caption, “Sleigh all day.” And while fans commented on how lovely Cartwright looked she also received as many questions about the angle. “Girl, you banging, but are you pregnant?” one follower questioned. The image received close to 30,000 likes and nearly as many comments, with the bulk about her pregnancy status.

The avalanche of comments prompted Cartright to re-shoot the image with the caption, “How about this angle?” Clearly, Cartwright’s flat stomach and gorgeous dress are visible as she shuts down pregnancy rumors.

Scheana Shay tried to photoshop out indulgence

The slim Vanderpump Rules personality even had trouble when she partied a bit during football season. “Football season started, and I started drinking beer again and the pooch started growing again,” Shay told US Weekly.“Like, ‘Oh! Baby bump?’ I’m like, ‘No! Oh my God, no. It’s cheese and beer.’”

Which led Shay to try to photoshop the image so people didn’t start asking if she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the move backfired on her. “I had had my sister flatten my stomach a little, so people didn’t say that on my post. Something like that, I just don’t need the rumors,” she said. “But somebody else already posted it.”

Other ‘Vanderpump Rules’ women face the same hassle

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And the honorary #pumprules cast member @chrissyteigen

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Kristen Doute, Katie Maloney-Schwartz, and Stassi Schroder have had to squash Internet pregnancy rumors too, Bravo reports. In fact, Doute responded to pregnancy rumors by posting on Twitter, “I’m not pregnant but I am 7 years older than I was on season one of #pumprules. I’m working on it. I do get Botox but I also got a tad older. I’m healthy.”

Newlywed, Maloney-Schwartz said she’s been getting inquiries for two years. “I have been getting congratulations for being pregnant for nearly 2 Years but have not received a single present. Smh.”

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