Brits spend an average of £9.70 on a bottle of wine – but how do YOU choose which plonk to buy?
16th September 2020

BRITS spend an average of £9.73 on a bottle of wine, while taking around five minutes to debate which plonk to buy.

This is according to a new study of 2,000 adults which revealed what sways a decision when picking up a bottle of vino.

Six in 10 Brits admitted to buying their wine based purely on the look of the bottle and where it comes from.

Selling points include the description on the back, the year it was made and if the bottle is an unusual shape.

Others will choose a wine based on whether they’ve had it before, while even the colour of the glass that the bottle is made from can have an impact on purchasing choices.

It also emerged Brits are willing to splash out a maximum of £14.30 to be the host with the most.

Top 20 reasons why Brits buy wine

THESE are the top 20 reasons which help Brits decide which bottle of wine to buy.

  1. The type of wine it is – such as a Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc, etc
  2. If it's a wine you've tried before
  3. How expensive it is
  4. The place it was made
  5. The brand itself
  6. How cheap it is
  7. The description on the back
  8. The alcoholic strength of wine
  9. If it will complement the meal it's for
  10. How much the price has been reduced by
  11. How the label looks
  12. If it's on offer if you buy multiple bottles
  13. If it's a cork or screw top
  14. The year it was made
  15. The depth of the punt – the dimple at the bottom of a wine bottle
  16. If the bottle is an interesting shape
  17. Whether it's vegan/vegetarian
  18. The colour of the glass the bottle is made from
  19. If you can see the supermarket brand on it too obviously or not such as a logo
  20. If it's endorsed by a celebrity

The study also found 44% of those polled typically choose a wine based on how expensive it is while 22% make sure their choice will pair well with the meal it’s accompanying.

A further one in five wine drinkers are influenced by a bottle with a limited edition design.

But with so many options available, more than half of respondents feel as though they can never be sure they’re making the right choice when buying a bottle of wine.

Although nearly a third have even “regifted” a fancy bottle of wine, to make themselves look better.

The study was commissioned by Brancott Estate to celebrate the launch of a limited edition bottle to celebrate 30 years since the Queen visited the vineyard.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found six in 10 will save a more expensive bottle of wine for special occasions, such as an important celebration or when they are on holiday.

But it doesn’t always take a particular event to enjoy a glass of their favourite plonk, as two fifths will indulge in wine after a long day and a third will have a sip when cooking a meal at home.

Lucy Bearman, wine portfolio director at Pernod Ricard, said: “Staying in is the new going out, so it’s no surprise to see consumers treating themselves by spending time and money when it comes to picking up a bottle of wine.

“It’s interesting to see how wine is about so much more than just taste to people across the country – but how they take into account the look and style of a particular bottle.

“Wine is definitely something to take your time over choosing as it can make all the difference.”

As always, drink sensibly and be DrinkAware when enjoying a glass of vino.

In more booze news, Lidl and Morrisons are selling wine with gin in it.

You can now buy red wine-flavoured gin – and it’s perfect for those who struggle to decide what to drink.

In May last year, wine giant Blossom Hill launched two sparkling gins.

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