Brits argue about what the top tier cheese is – and some favour Dairylea
14th December 2022

Cheese is much loved food among many globally – especially to Brits.

The block of lactose goodness features as a staple in sandwiches and is often the focal centre piece of a good Christmas buffet.

Despite many agreeing the delicacy is a great bite, this bunch of people have fallen out about what the best British cheese is.

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And, you may be surprised at what many deem to be the top tier type.

"What is your favourite type of British cheese?" one posed a question to Reddit.

They gave their verdict on the Ask UK subreddit, and wrote: "I could happily dispatch slices of Red Leicester until the end of time. How about you?"

Some agreed with the original poster's choice.

"This question is making me short circuit", a user replied. "At a push I would say Red Leicester, but in my heart of hearts the only correct answer is 'all the cheese'."

Another user added: "There's a really strong, matured Red Leicester sold under the brand name of Red Fox.

"If you can find that you will think you've died and gone to cheesy heaven."

While a third agreed: "Going to have to with Red Leicester myself."

Someone else declared: "Red Leicester is the Queen of Cheeses! Sparkenhoe is awesome, but I tried a Snowdonia wax covered red Leicester which tasted of red Leicester AND chutney."

But, Red Leicester was not the winning cheese for everyone.

This user argued: "Stilton. Best cheese in the world."

A second said: "Wensleydale with cranberries!" However, was quickly bashed by another cheese lover. "Fruit in cheese is an abomination", someone argued back.

Meanwhile, another Brit wrote: "Gun to my head, Wensleydale and cranberry or smoked cheddar but any cheese (except blue) is welcome in my belly at any time."

"I like Dairylea", a fourth admitted.

Whereas some Brits noted that there is no wrong answer to the cheesy debate.

One expressed: "There is no wrong answer here. Cheese is life."

"Cheese. Just all the cheese!"

Let us know in the comments what your favourite British cheese is – do you agree with any of the above?


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