Boy, 16, knocked on doors screaming ‘help me’ before being stabbed to death
13th August 2019

A terrified 16-year-old knocked on doors screaming "help me" before he was stabbed to death, witnesses said.

But no one helped the teenager in the seconds before his murder at the hands of a gang of machete-wielding killers.

The boy was knifed in the back after being chased by the gang who were “screaming and laughing”.

Two of the attackers are said to have held the boy, named locally last night as Alex Smith, as a third plunged a foot-long blade into him.

A man who did rush out of his home to help said that the boy was cornered as he begged for help in Munster Square, near Regent’s Park, north west London.

Naqueeb Khan, 32, said of the attack which took place just after 11 on Monday night: “I saw a boy knocking… He was screaming and shouting ‘help, help, help. Open the door, someone’s chasing me.’

“He couldn’t escape and he was stabbed in the back.”

As Naqueeb, a dad of five, helped the youngster as a car pulled up which he suspects was the killers checking if their victim was dead.

Detectives said two burnt out vehicles believed to have been used by the killers were later recovered near the scene.

Naqueeb said it was only after the police arrived that people came out to help.

He said: “I was screaming at the neighbours for help too. I said, ‘now you come out to watch the bloody show.

'But when he was screaming for help no one came.’ He would be safe now if someone had tried to help him.

“I’m a father myself and all night I was thinking about his family and what they must be going through. He was a smart young boy with a big life in front of him. It’s so sad.”

He said the boy had two dressings on what looked like earlier stab injuries as well as three or four fresh wounds in his back.

The latest young victim of Britain’s knife crime epidemic had been awaiting his GCSE results later this month, friends said.

Rosanara Begum, 55, said: “The boy was running away from them. Then we saw the two boys holding him and the other one stabbing him.

“As soon as I heard ‘Help me, help me’ I was on the phone to the ambulance.

He was bleeding a lot.

“The attackers were skinny and just looked like teenagers. They were running off and they were screaming and laughing.”

Another witness at the scene who asked not to be named also called police after watching the stabbing from her balcony.

She said: “I saw three young black boys screaming and laughing. One of them had a huge machete.

“The other boy was screaming ‘help, help, help,’ but no one opened their door.

“They meant to kill him. They left and then drove back to check if he was dead.

“I think it was planned."

Anti-violence campaigner Michelle West lay flowers at the scene on behalf of her volunteer-led organisation Camden Against Violence.

“Youth clubs have closed, police are under-funded and under-resourced and there aren’t enough mentors in schools,” she said.

“I ask Boris Johnson to please come down here and see what cuts have done to this borough.”

Hours before the teen’s death, the Prime Minister had promised to “come down hard” on violent crime with increased stop and search and longer prison sentences.

Ms West sadly noted that “stop and search did not work here.”

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