‘Bird flu is like a ticking time bomb’ – Campaigners urge major farming reforms
26th August 2023

Bird flu cannot be stopped without major farming reforms, warn animal ­welfare campaigners.

The UK has battled to contain an outbreak, with four poultry workers contracting the virus this year.

Tens of thousands of wild birds are reported to have died but the true number is likely in the millions, said Compassion in World Farming.

Peter Stevenson, the groups’ chief policy adviser, said: “Bird flu is like a ticking time bomb. Unless we take urgent action to end factory farming we will be unable to stop its rapid spread across the globe or reduce the risk of a serious human pandemic.

“Cramming animals together in factory farms is not only inhumane, it’s creating the perfect place for bird flu and other viruses to spread and mutate into more dangerous strains.”

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Meanwhile, undercover filming ­captured disturbing scenes of ­distressed, injured and dead birds in cages at Sunny Farm in Bedfordshire which supplies supermarkets.

The farm has been stripped of its right to use the British Egg Industry Council’s Lion stamp of approval and disciplinary proceedings have begun.

Animal behaviour expert Professor Jonathan Balcombe said the video “shows scenes of unmitigated misery and suffering” adding “These hens are living and dying in pitiable conditions”.

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