Beyonce Victim Of A Robbery, $1 Million Worth Of Items Stolen
29th March 2021

Beyonce has been reportedly robbed of $1 million dollars worth of valuables including children’s toys, luxury gowns and designer handbags.  These items were burglarized from multiple rental storage units; a part of production company Parkwood Entertainment’s lot.

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No arrests have been made yet although the Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the crimes.  This is the second of two robberies targeting the 39-year-old entertainer, while the first had taken occurrence earlier this month.  Thieves had made a second strike hitting the remaining two of three units that belonged to Beyonce. Celebrity burglaries in the Los Angeles area is unfortunately far too common.  Jeff Bezos, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian are among the countless celebrity victims of armed burglary.

For obvious reasons, some fans may not have the empathy one would expect for the rich casualties.  Some have taken to twitter to joke about the events sharing their unsympathetic attitudes while others are coming the the Queen Bey’s defense in their public position.

What the internet is now calling the storage unit heist, Beyonce’s burglarized units is stirring up quite the conversation, from many perspectives, on Twitter.  According to TMZ, reportedly the thieves had gotten away with items that belonged to Bey herself in the first go-round and they came back a week later to finish the ‘job’ snatching toys that could be safely assumed to belong to Beyonce’s now three year old twins and prized photographs owned by the singer’s stylist.

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While the LAPD have yet to make any arrests, perhaps the Beyhive can break the case as they send tweets, similar to the bat-call from Gotham City, to jokingly warn other fans of the offense and send virtual bounty to the robbers.  TMZ was also told by officials that these types of crimes are on the rise.  Miley, who was also burglarized in the same manner in January 2021, had her storage unit violated for a second time as the first was near San Fernando Valley and accounted for some of her valued guitars going missing.

You would think the LAPD would have a special acumen for such crimes as the history shows the types of targets and places likely to be hit.  Luckily, the  celebrities having the extra bank to replace stolen goods unlike a regularly salaried person, is something they can rely upon.  What cannot be replaced, however, is a harsher pill to swallow especially when the sentimental value is innumerable.

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Sources: Hola!, TMZ


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