Best Cycling Cleats 2020 | The Sun UK
15th September 2020

FOR those looking to take their cycling up a gear, cycling cleats are an obvious investment.

When combined with cycling shoes and clipless pedals, cleats can revolutionise your riding.

If you’re using flat pedals, it’s only possible to lay the power down on a downstroke, leaving half of your pedal stroke wasted as your foot completes its cycle.

By using cleats, your shoe is directly attached to the pedals, allowing you to pull up on the upstroke and giving you the ability to propel your bike throughout the whole pedal stroke.

There are those who are scared of making the jump to cleats because it means you are literally clipped-in to the pedals but clipping in and out is an easy skill to learn and one that even beginner cyclists could master.

There are a handful of cycling cleats on the market and each corresponds to a specific pedal design. Read on below to find the right one for you.

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