‘Best buy ever’ Brits rave over cheap cooking advice
20th October 2022

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Lynsey Crombie shares how to make dippy eggs in air fryer

Air fryers are as popular as ever, with Google Trends data showing that searches for the product have skyrocketed 244 percent this month – the highest point in the last year. Thanks to influencers, air fryer videos on social media platforms have been going viral, and many want to get their hands on the handy appliance. But, despite being compact and energy efficient, saving customers on bills, not everyone can afford one, so why not look at alternatives?

Hundreds and thousands of Britons have swapped their ovens for cheaper-to-run alternatives, saving them hundreds of pounds a year.

But at over £100 a pop in most shops, air fryers can be expensive to buy. Additionally, they are currently so popular that they are selling out quick.

So, why not invest in a halogen oven as an alternative? This appliance is also a smaller, tabletop cooking device, but can be more cost effective.

It has a glass bowl with a lid and contains halogen bowls and a fan. When turned on, infrared radiation from the bulbs produce heat, while the fan circulates hot air around the food to cook it.

Halogen ovens are tens of pounds cheaper to buy than air fryers, but they are also around 75 percent cheaper to run than standard electric ovens. Air fryers in most shops cost over £100, while halogen ovens are closer to £50. There are also air fryers for lower prices if one knows where to look, but they generally sell out very quickly. 

One halogen oven selling at Argos for just £56 has more than 800 five-star reviews, with many Britons raving about the product.

One woman said the halogen oven was her “best buy ever”. She wrote: “Had a few halogen ovens in the past, this one beats them all. It’s digital, the lead can be removed from the lid, works brilliantly and saves lots of fuel as you are only heating up a small area instead of a large oven.

“You don’t need to spend hundreds on an air fryer, when you can buy this. Best buy ever.”

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Another shopper said: “We just got this to replace my old one but bought the same one, we use this everyday for everything to the point I never use my actual oven, it quick and easy and cooked to perfection and now with the cost of energy we can still enjoy all the meals we like but not the cost of fuel – yup even a roast dinner.”[sic]

One customer wrote: “A very affordable air fryer, well made and the digital controls are really helpful and so easy to use.

“We’ve cooked two Sunday roasts for four people in this including pork and crackling with roast spuds and roasted veg and they were spot on (plus some extra steamed veg in the microwave).

“Easy to clean too. Not very much to fault it. Takes a little learning but not much really and we will have to acquire more accessories – but the learning is part of the fun and we’re very happy.

“Will now try all sorts of things. Our old oven will be redundant unless we have a big crowd around.”

Other Britons have taken to social media to praise the halogen oven.

Twitter user @weaniejeanie53 wrote: “I’ve had a halogen oven for about five years, pretty much the only thing I use my gas oven for now is pizza, which strangely don’t crisp up in it.”

Katherine Skellon said: “I’ve had a halogen oven for 10 plus years. It cooks roast meat beautifully, also chips, pork or lamb chops, sausages, scampi etc really well. I also have an air fryer and slow cooker but prefer this.”

User @Fertility expert simply wrote: “I love my halogen oven and pressure cooker.”

Jack shared on Twitter: “One tip I haven’t seen many money-saving advisors talk about during this energy crisis: buy a halogen oven.

“They cost about £50, they’re 75 percent less expensive to run than an electric oven, and they’re convenient because they don’t require pre-heating and cook food more quickly.”

Juliet Grace added: “I’ve got a halogen oven. Think invented before air fryers. Use it all the time. Cheaper too. If you shop around can get one £40ish. Can cook everything in it. Fantastic.”

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