Barbie optical illusion which can only be seen with your eyes closed
7th August 2023

An artist has gone viral on social media with over six million views after he showcased an optical illusion that only works if you are not looking at the drawing.

Rishi is an artist who has grown popular on TikTok on his account @rishi.draws where is reveals his unusual yet memorising art pieces from popular movies and television shows.

In his most recent video, Rishi explained that he has created an optical illusion of Ken from the Barbie movie, played by actor Ryan Gosling, that can be properly seen if you are looking away from the drawing.

He said: “I loved the Barbie movie so much that I made an optical illusion of my favourite character that you can only see with your eyes closed.”

Rishi’s art piece has caused many people to be shocked, with some social media users describing it as “witchcraft” and that they have been able to see Ryan Gosling in their bedroom or on their ceiling even after they opened their eyes.

In order to make this optical illusion work, Rishi said that you have to stare at the white dot between Ken’s eyes for 30 seconds or more, adding: “Now, just keep staring at it.

“You can blink but just keep looking at it…then I want you to close your eyes and hold your head up slightly.

“Then I want you to blink with your eyes closed, if that makes sense, and you should see the portrait slowly appear.”

For the best results, Rishi said to make sure the mobile or computer screen you are watching the picture on is still and to make sure your device brightness is on maximum.

This optical illusion will also have more effective results if done during the day, as it will be much clearer in a bright setting, the artist pointed out.

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If done correctly, you should be able to see Ken with your eyes closed, and he may even appear for a few minutes after you open your eyes.

Many users rushed to Rishi’s comment section shocked and amazed at the optical illusion, with some people even saying they were spooked by how well the art piece worked.

One person said: “Help! Ryan Gosling is on my ceiling.”

Another user wrote: “I saw him and he kept coming closer! This was cool but scared me a little.”

Someone else commented: “I’m very impressed! I didn’t expect this to work and I got jumpscared. Now when I blink I see Ryan Gosling.”

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