Baby Killed in Magpie Attack in Australia
9th August 2021

Her mother was ducking to avoid the swooping bird, when she fell.

A baby girl has been killed in a freak accident in Australia after her mother was attacked by a magpie.

Police in Brisbane said the mom was carrying the child and tripped and fell while trying to avoid the swooping bird.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon as the new mother was strolling with the infant in her arms through Glindemann Park.

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Paramedics rushed to the scene, but could do nothing to help the young victim.

“A mother had reportedly been ducking to avoid a magpie and then tripped over with a baby in her arms,” Queensland Ambulance Services spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

“We transported an infant to Queensland Children’s Hospital in a serious condition with a head injury. The medical director was on board and so was a critical care paramedic.”

She later succumbed to her injuries.

A couple who witnessed the accident told the Courier Mail that the “heroic” father did “everything he could”, but to no avail.

“I’ve seen shock before but this was beyond anything I’d ever seen,” the man said.

His wife added: “It’s sickening I suppose, seeing a family torn apart in one quick moment.”

Several signs warning of “swooping birds” had already been in place at the park.

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“Many birds such as butcherbirds, magpies and miners nest in this area and may swoop on passers-by,” the signs warn. “This is a normal protective behavior during the breeding season and lasts up to six weeks.”

The signs advise: Avoid the area during breeding season; wear a hat or carry an umbrella, bike riders dismount and walk; and move quickly through the area — don’t run.

City council workers managed to capture the magpie, before cordoning off the area and erecting several more of the warning signs at the site.

Sean Dooley from BirdLife Australia told ABC the organization was “shattered” over the incident.

“While it’s only the male magpies that swoop and only 10 per cent of males do swoop … the consequences, especially when people are caught unaware, can be truly terrifying and devastating,” he said.

He said Australia’s magpie swooping season occurs between July and December, but peaks in September.

“Swooping season only occurs when the male magpies are defending the chicks in the nest – so for that brief period where the chicks are really vulnerable.”

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