Baby-boomer alert: Decades later, cheesy TV theme songs remain nostalgic earworms
7th December 2018

When I heard that actor Ken Berry had died this month, I felt sadness for the passing of an actor whose work I had enjoyed over the years.

But that didn’t match the words and music that immediately began playing in my head: “The end of the Civil War was near/When quite accidentally/A hero who sneezed, abruptly seized/Retreat, and reversed it to victory.”

For baby boomers, or any fan of ’60s sitcoms, those lyrics are instantly recognizable from the opening theme of “F Troop,” a silly ABC comedy that featured Berry as the inept commander of an incompetent frontier military unit. The show is mostly forgettable – except for its self-explanatory theme song. (It’s badly dated today. As with the series itself, the “F Troop” theme contains the kind of insulting reference to Native Americans that was standard then but unacceptable today, unless it’s the name of an NFL team.)  

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